What is the next release for Salesforce?

What is the next release for Salesforce?

The main release weekends are: May 15, 2021: Sandbox Preview. June 4, 2021: Production Release based on your Salesforce Instance. June 11 – 12, 2021: Production Release based on your Salesforce Instance.

What is Salesforce release schedule?

Each Salesforce release unfolds in a predictable cycle, starting about 3 months before it goes live in production. Upgrades happen automatically on specific dates that are published up to a year in advance on the Salesforce Trust website.

How often does Salesforce release updates?

three times a year
Salesforce Seasonal Releases The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving, with regular releases three times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer) that include many new features. As an admin, having a release strategy can help you, and your staff, stay on top of changes so you can take full advantage of new functionality.

How do I check Salesforce release?

Salesforce Lightning

  1. Click the gear icon and select “Setup”.
  2. Scroll down to the SETTINGS section and click Company Settings > Company Information.
  3. Your Salesforce version is listed in the “Organization Edition” field.

How many times does Salesforce release?

The reason is their consistency to provide more and more features to their customers without impacting business, and Salesforce has three major releases per year, and in each release or version, they offer many new features/updates for existing features. You just read three releases per year!

What are three new features in the most recent Salesforce release?

Top 5 Salesforce Summer’21 Release Features

  • Update Fields from the Report Run Page with Inline Editing (Beta) Inline Editing for reports is finally here!
  • Download a Dashboard Image to a File. Good news!
  • See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience.
  • Create a Dynamic Actions Bar for your App Page.

How can I tell which release my org is running?

What is the current salesforce release my org is on?

  1. Type Company into the search bar and click Company Information.
  2. On the company information page you will see the instance your org is running on.

How do I prepare a salesforce release?

How to prepare for the next Salesforce release

  1. Educate. After you’ve learned about the release, you’ll need to prepare your stakeholders.
  2. Plan. Once you know which features to implement, it’s time to plan.
  3. Communicate. Focus your communication with users and stakeholders around benefits.
  4. Test.
  5. Go live.
  6. Iterate.

How do I upgrade Salesforce release?

Warning Salesforce recommends testing each update by activating it in either your developer sandbox or your production environment during off-peak hours.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Release Updates , and then select Release Updates.
  2. On the Release Updates page, select an update.

How do I check sandbox release?

Find the release version of Salesforce production or sandbox org

  1. Log in to the org or environment where you would like to identify the release version and:
  2. Navigate to the Trust Site by replacing with the org’s instance or my domain in the following URL:

How do I prepare a Salesforce release?

Release Readiness Essentials See sandbox and other release dates and times. Click Instances and your instance to see your maintenance dates. Sandbox Refresh Calculator. Plan if and when you need to refresh your existing sandbox orgs.

When is the release date for Salesforce summer 21?

Salesforce announced Summer ’21 release details. Below are the Key dates for the Salesforce Summer ’21 release. April 15, 2021 : Pre-Release orgs available for sneak preview of the new features. Pre-Release Org Sign up -> Click here

When does the new version of Salesforce come out?

April 15, 2021 : Pre-Release orgs available for sneak preview of the new features. April 20, 2021: Salesforce Help is the new home for the release notes, with an improved user experience, an updated UI, scoped search, and filters when viewed on a desktop.

How to keep up with the Salesforce release cycle?

The release cycle is made available to everyone, and Salesforce admins will be kept up to date by Salesforce’s own email alerts. This article details the monitoring and testing processes we have in place at MobileCaddy to ensure mobile apps keep performing through any environment changes, including those major Salesforce releases.

When to start pre release testing for Salesforce?

Our own typical pre-release testing plan used internally for each Salesforce release is as follows: We start our pre-release testing at the earliest opportunity. This is a pre-defined pre-release test plan which is tuned to the exact dates for each Salesforce release.