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What is the name of Cu2S?

What is the name of Cu2S?

Copper(I) sulfide
Copper(I) sulfide

PubChem CID 62755
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Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula Cu2HS
Synonyms Copper(I) sulfide Dicopper sulphide Copper sulfide (Cu2S) Chalcocite UNII-349M3C1RS1 More…

What is the formula when copper II and sulfur combine?

This is copper and sulfur reacting to form copper(II) sulfide. Copper forms an ion with 2+ charge. Sulfur forms an ion with 2− charge, so the formula of copper(II) sulfide is CuS as the charges simply cancel out.

How do you find Covellite?

Identifying Characteristics Covellite’s iridescence, color, and brassy inclusions of pyrite and chalcopyrite can help distinguish it visually from gems within its hardness range. Covellite leaves a shining, gray-black streak. (Usually, metallic gems, like this copper sulfide, have a colored streak).

Is Covellite a quartz?

The Covellite inclusions are actually suspended ~inside~ of the Quartz. When viewed straight on, it actually looks like Hematite flakes… almost black in color and fairly unremarkable. It is only when held at certain angles in the light that you see the magenta flash of the Covellite.

Is copper II sulfide soluble in water?

Copper(II) sulfide, CuS, [1317-40-4], MW 95.6, occurs in nature as the blue-black mineral covellite, [19138-68-2]. It is insoluble in water but is decomposed by nitric acid.

What happens when you mix sodium sulfide and copper II chloride?

When this sodium sulfide solution is made to react with copper (II) chloride solution, a black precipitate (copper (II) sulfide) in a yellow solution is formed. Filtration results in a yellow filtrate, which contains aqueous sodium chloride and sulfide/polysulfide ions in equilibrium.

What is the formula for the mineral covellite?

Enlarged 210 diameters. Covellite (also known as covelline) is a rare copper sulfide mineral with the formula CuS. This indigo blue mineral is ubiquitous in copper ores, it is found in limited abundance and is not an important ore of copper itself, although it is well known to mineral collectors.

What is the ratio of copper to sulfur in covellite?

Covellite belongs to the binary copper sulfides group, which has the formula Cu x S y and can have a wide-ranging copper/sulfur ratio, from 1:2 to 2:1 (Cu/S). However, this series is by no means continuous and the homogeneity range of covellite CuS is narrow.

What is the formula for copper ( II ) sulfide?

Copper (II) sulfide is an inorganic salt with the formula CuS. It can be found in nature as the mineral covellite. Copper (II) sulfide is one of many copper sulfur binary compounds. The compound is slightly conductive and has potential uses in photovoltaics and as a catalyst.

How are the layers of a covellite connected?

For a copper sulfide, covellite has a complicated lamellar structure, with alternating layers of CuS and Cu 2 S 2 with copper atoms of trigonal planar (uncommon) and tetrahedral coordination respectively. The layers are connected by S-S bonds (based on Van der Waals forces) known as S 2 dimers.