What is the most expensive Jean Michel Basquiat painting?

What is the most expensive Jean Michel Basquiat painting?

Untitled (1982)
Untitled (1982) Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled (1982). Courtesy of Christie’s Images, Ltd. A year before Yusaku Maezawa spent $110 million to buy the most expensive Basquiat ever sold at auction (see below), he purchased Untitled (1982) at Christie’s for $57.3 million.

Why are Jean Michel Basquiat paintings so expensive?

Even during Basquiat’s lifetime, he was a market star, making $1.4 million a year. However, prices for the artist’s work have only truly taken off in recent years, driven primarily by demand from a small group of billionaires.

How much is a Jean Michel Basquiat painting worth?

A painting of a skull by Jean-Michel Basquiat sold for $93.1 million at Christie’s in New York on Tuesday night, becoming the artist’s second-most expensive work to sell at auction and setting a new benchmark for this week’s blockbuster evening sales.

How would you describe Jean Michel Basquiat art?

Part of the 1970s-80s Neo-Expressionist art movement, Basquiat’s paintings are full of frenetic but also very directed energy and vivid simple colours. The resulting works appear raw and unfocused, but in truth that is the opposite of what they are.

What is Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art style movement called?

At a Sotheby’s auction in May 2017, Untitled, a 1982 painting by Basquiat depicting a black skull with red and yellow rivulets, sold for $110.5 million, becoming one of the most expensive paintings ever purchased….

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Style Graffiti street art
Movement Neo-expressionism

What did Jean-Michel Basquiat use to paint?

Besides painting on paper or stretched canvas, Basquiat often painted on materials he found in the streets, such as windows, doors, or scraps of foam rubber, which he joined together with wooden bars and hinges. He covered the surfaces with paint and pieces of torn and crumpled paper superimposed on top of one another.

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How many paintings did Jean Michel Basquiat create?

The following is a list of significant artworks by the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988), who played a historic role in the rise of street art and neo-expressionism . During his short yet productive career, Basquiat created more than 600 paintings and 1,500 drawings.

Why was Jean Michel Basquiat pigeon holed as a black artist?

Basquiat’s use of imagery and motifs suggestive of African art made it easy to stereotype him as a black artist but he was keen to be known simply as an artist. This antagonism between how he wanted to present himself and how he was pigeon-holed by others is documented through his work.

What was the cause of death for Jean Michel Basquiat?

In the mid-1980s, the artist collaborated on several works with the most famous artist of the time, Andy Warhol. He died of a heroin overdose on 12 August 1988. The influence of Basquiat’s complex aesthetic on subsequent generations of artist remains incalculable.

What was untitled by Jean Michel Basquiat about?

It is apparent that Untitled is an exhibition of police discrimination and the mistreatment of black individuals in the city, and this exhibitionism is common in Basquiat’s art.  Along these lines, the longtime director of the Modern Art Museum in Lugano, Switzerland, Rudy Chiappini writes in a foreword to Jean‐Michel Basquiat,