What is the mixing ratio for Goldwell color?

What is the mixing ratio for Goldwell color?

a 1:1 ratio
Mix the Goldwell hair color and developer in a color bowl or Goldwell color applicator. Use a 1:1 ratio for levels two through 10. For high lift blondes mix two parts developer to one part hair color. Ensure the developer and hair color is thoroughly mixed.

Can I use any developer with Goldwell Topchic?

No. You need to use the TopChic Developer.

How do you mix Goldwell hair color remover?

DIRECTIONS: Removal of unwanted hair color in just 20 minutes! – Using an applicator bottle or color bowl, mix all of Lotion 1 and Lotion 2 together. Apply to dry hair.

How long does Goldwell color process?

Allow the hair color to sit on the hair and process. Processing time is 30 minutes for regrowth touch ups when hair color levels two through 10 are used. High-lift blonde processing time is 45 minutes.

What developer do I use with Goldwell Topchic?

Select the proper level of developer to mix with the Goldwell hair color. Use 10 volume developer if you are coloring your hair darker, 20 volume developer to lighten up to one shade lighter or cover gray hair, and 30 or 40 volume developer to lighten the hair two to four levels respectively.

Do you put Goldwell Topchic on wet or dry hair?

Goldwell Topchic, the permanent color line, should be applied to dry, reaonably clean hair. It is recommended to wash first if hair is very dirty or has a lot of product on it. Goldwell’s demipermanent line, Colorance, is usually applied to damp, towel-dried hair.

How do you mix color delete on scruples?


  1. In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part COLOR DELETE Permanent Haircolor Remover and 3 parts PURE OXI 20 Volume Creme Developer or 3 parts COLD tap water.
  2. Mix thoroughly until powder is dissolved.
  3. Apply to hair that has been previously colored, avoiding natural haircolor and cover with a processing cap.

How do you use Pravana color remover?


  1. Shampoo hair with Sulfate-free Clarifying shampoo.
  2. Measure and mix equal parts of hair color extractor part 1 and part 2 of the Artificial Hair Color Extractor in a plastic or glass mixing bowl.
  3. Apply immediately to hair using a bowl and brush application.

How long does Goldwell last?

While most semi-permanent colors have a durability of 4-6 shampoos, demi-permanent products can last up to 6 weeks.