What is the MEP code for a BlackBerry?

What is the MEP code for a BlackBerry?

MEP5: Corporate Unlock Code These codes are either 8 or 16 digits in length and the unlock code required to unlock your Blackberry phone is either the Network unlock code (MEP 2) or the Service Provider code (MEP4). Our Blackberry unlock code service will provide you will all MEP codes needed to unlock your phone.

How do you get MEP number on BlackBerry Curve 9320?

Mep is readed by using special app MEP reader. Instruction for MEP application: 1. Connect your Blackberry Curve 9320 to your pc by USB cable. 2. Install the newest BlackBerry drivers (new drivers may be already installed on your PC) 3. Start the app and press “READ” button. The MEP number will appear on the screen.

How do I enter the network MEP code?

Now it will say enter network mep code Go to the Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> Sim card press select, while holding the Shift key (bottom right corner CAPS), type mepd. You should now see the five locking categories listed, while holding the alt key, type mep2. Release the alt key. You are now prompted to enter the Network MEP code.

How do you enter a network unlock code on a BlackBerry?

Hold the ALT Key while typing in MEPE or MEPD or MEPPE or MEPPD ( not case sensitive ) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing ). 5. It will say “Enter Network MEP Code, then you type in the unlock code, press in the trackball to confirm. 6. Your phone is now unlocked. 1. Insert any sim card 2.

How to download free BlackBerry unlock code generator?

Download the free blackberry unlock code generator using the link below. All we ask that you share this page and the link will then be visible.

When do I get my MEP code back?

Just like all our other services, you can rest assured we’re here to assist you via chat , email or phone 24 hours a day MON-FRI and your MEP code is guaranteed to work with a full money back refund. Videos below show real life clients , just like you, that trusted GSMLiberty to provide them with their MEP Code.