What is the main idea of A Year Down Yonder?

What is the main idea of A Year Down Yonder?

Coming of Age The novel portrays an extremely formative year in the life of its narrator, Mary Alice, and several elements in the novel emphasize the notion that Mary Alice is growing up and becoming a woman during the course of the novel.

What is the problem in A Year Down Yonder?

The main conflict in the novel is centered around Mary Alice’s struggle to fit in after moving to a new town. Additionally, there is a conflict between Grandma and the townspeople when they decide to run Arnold Green out of town.

HOW DOES A Year Down Yonder end?

The end of the school year comes, and Mary Alice has to return to Chicago, even though she does not want to leave. Royce and Mary Alice agree to be pen pals, and in a brief Epilogue, the two are married several years later. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying A Year Down Yonder.

Who tried to knock down Grandma’s Privy A Year Down Yonder?

But when Mary Alice tries to get her to admit just how important Effie is to her, Grandma shoots her down.

Who is the narrator in A Year Down Yonder?

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Listening Length 3 hours and 24 minutes
Author Richard Peck
Narrator Lois Smith
Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date August 29, 2008

Why does Grandma volunteer to be the cashier at the turkey shoot?

Over Thanksgiving, Mary Alice accompanies Grandma Dowdel to a turkey shoot-out that’s held in order to raise money to help Mrs. Abernathy care for her disabled son, who was injured in WWI.

Why does Mary Alice stay with Grandma?

She doesn’t like her grandmother. She doesn’t like being sent away from home to spend time with her grandmother. She loves her home and her friends; she wants to stay at home during summer so that she can have fun with her friends. However, she is forced to visit and stay with her grandmother every year.

What genre is A Year Down Yonder?

Children’s literature
NovelHistorical Fiction
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Why does Grandma Aunt Mildred’s horse?

She follows Mary Alice home, determined to get that money, and Grandma Dowdel helps a girl out. She releases Mildred’s horse so that the girl has to walk five miles home in the dark. That’s what bullies get when they mess with Mrs. Dowdel’s granddaughter!

Why does Effie Wilcox leave town?

When Joey and Mary Alice first arrive in town, they hear a lot about Effie Wilcox from Grandma Dowdel, who seems to dislike the woman and disapproves of her rampant gossiping. And when Effie has to move away because she loses her house, Grandma Dowdel is definitely sad. …

What is the name of the town in a year down yonder?

The Great Depression is winding down, and fifteen-year-old Mary Alice Dowdel’s parents are in dire financial straits. That’s why she has no choice but to go and stay with her grandmother in small-town Illinois, a place that feels pretty far away from bustling Chicago.

What is turkey shoot?

A turkey shoot is an opportunity for an individual or a party to take advantage of a situation with a significant degree of ease. The term likely originates from a method of hunting wild turkeys in which the hunter, coming upon a flock, intentionally scatters them.

Which is the best summary of a year Down Yonder?

A Year Down Yonder Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck.

Who is the leading lady in a year Down Yonder?

Many of my confused feelings about my grandparent were mirrored in that story. And here, in Richard Peck’s 2001 Newbery Medal winner, A Year Down Yonder, I unexpectedly stumbled upon another leading lady, Mary Alice Dowdel, who can’t quite negotiate what it feels like to live with a difficult and outspoken grandmother. Wow.

Who is the bully in a year Down Yonder?

Grandma immediately enrolls Mary Alice in school, and she is placed in Miss Butler’s class. A bully, Mildred, calls Mary Alice the “rich Chicago girl” and rides home with Mary Alice in order to force her to give Mildred a dollar. Grandma bullies the bully by unhitching Mildred’s horse and forcing the girl to walk home without shoes.

What did Grandma make at a year Down Yonder?

There will be a turkey shoot and a meal of burgoo, a kind of community stew made from whatever contributions the attendees bring. Grandma takes charge of stirring the burgoo and selling it by the cupful for a dime, more or less.