What is the lowest note on an upright bass?

What is the lowest note on an upright bass?

The lowest note of a double bass is an E1 (on standard four-string basses) at 41.20 Hz or a B0 (when 5 strings are used) at 30.87 hertz, and the highest notes are almost down at the bridge.

Can you play octaves on double bass?

This is the same as the standard tuning of a bass guitar and is one octave lower than the four lowest-pitched strings of standard guitar tuning. Players with standard double basses (E–A–D–G) may play the notes below “E” an octave higher or if this sounds awkward, the entire passage may be transposed up an octave.

How tall should my bass be?

Upright Bass Sizes

Bass Size Total Height Body Height
1/4 61.5″ 37.5″
1/2 65.5″ 40″
3/4 71.5″ 43.5″
4/4 75″ 45.5″

What is the scale of an upright bass?

The scale length (the length between the nut and the bridge) of upright basses ranges from around 39 inches to over 42 inches In electric bass, Leo Fender started with a 34 scale, and the vast majority of fenders are 34 scale.

What is the length of a long scale bass?

The most common scale for an electric bass is 34″. This is called ‘long scale’. Some basses, especially 5-strings, are 35″ scale. Extra long scale is longer than 34″. Other basses are ‘medium scale’ – 30″-33″ – and others are ‘short scale’ – 30″ or less.

What is the average size of a bass guitar?

The most common scale length is 34″. With its 34″ scale, the Fender Player Precision Bass is typical of most other standard-size electric basses, which share its scale length. There are a few short-scale basses, such as the Fender Mustang, various Hofner Violin Bass models, or the Gibson EBO, that are around 30″.

What are the dimensions of a double bass?

Since the double bass is the largest stringed instrument, it is made in a number of sizes to suit the player’s body size. Actual measurements vary with manufacturers, but double basses range from 1/4 size (61 inches), 1/2 size (65 inches), 3/4 size (71 inches) and 4/4 or full-size (75 inches).