What is the longitude and latitude of Kiribati?

What is the longitude and latitude of Kiribati?

3.3704° S, 168.7340° W

What is unique about Kiribati?

Kiribati is the only country in the world to be situated in all four cardinal hemispheres. Kiribati gained its independence from the United Kingdom, becoming a sovereign state in 1979. The capital, Tarawa, now the most populated area, consists of a number of islets, connected by a series of causeways.

What is the time now in Kiribati?

Current Local Time in Locations in Kiribati with Links for More Information (5 Locations)
Kanton Island Mon 5:03 am
Kiritimati Mon 6:03 am
Rawaki Mon 5:03 am
Tabiteuea Mon 4:03 am

What religion is Kiribati?

Roman Catholic
According to the 2010 census, approximately 56 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 34 percent is Kiribati Protestant (a Congregationalist denomination), and 5 percent belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

Which country is fastest in time?

UTC+14:00 stretches as far as 30° east of the 180° longitude line and creates a large fold in the International Date Line around the Pacific nation of Kiribati.

Where is Kiribati located in latitude and longitude?

Kiribati is located at latitude -3.370417 and longitude -168.734039. It is part of Oceania and the southern hemisphere. The geographic coordinate system enables any place in the world to be located using its latitude and longitude. The latitude is the position relative to the equator, specifying the north-south position.

How are the latitude and longitude of Zambia calculated?

The latitude and longitude of Zambia have been calculated based on the geodetic datum WGS84. Map of Zambia with coordinates Latitude and longitude of Zambia There are many systems and formats to represent geographic coordinates.

Where is Zambia located in relation to Africa?

Geography of Zambia. Zambia is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, to the east of Angola. It has a total area of 752 618 square kilometres (slightly larger than France ), of which 9 220 km² are water.

What are the names of the islands in Kiribati?

It includes three island groups – Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, Phoenix Islands. Most of the land on these islands is less than two metres above sea level. Including the amount of water, the total water and land area is 2485 square miles.