What is the longest home run hit in softball?

What is the longest home run hit in softball?

576 Feet
Todd Erickson Holds Guinness Book of World Records For Longest Recorded Hit Softball – 576 Feet.

Can you hit a homerun in slow pitch softball?

Strategies in bat selection and batting technique can lead to the coveted home run in slow-pitch softball. Send the ball deep into outfield or over the fence by delivering maximum bat-head speed as you swing through the hitting zone using a bat that feels comfortable in your hands and allows you to swing quickly.

Who is the best slow pitch softball player?

Top 100 All Time Greatest Slow Pitch Softball Players

  • Mike Macenko (97 points)
  • Bruce Meade (87 points)
  • Rick Scherr (85 points)
  • Jeff Wallace (82 points)
  • Charles Wright (80 points)
  • Craig Elliott (79 points)
  • Dirk Androff (77 points)
  • Rusty Bumgardner (74 points)

What is the fastest pitch thrown?

On September 24, 2010, former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who hails from Cuba, delivered a 105.1-mph fastball, measured by Statcast, in a game against the San Diego Padres, which is recognized as the Guinness World Record for fastest pitch ever.

What is the farthest home run ever?

The current record for longest Home Run Derby homer in the Statcast era belongs to Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, who smashed one 513 feet during the 2017 derby at Marlins Park.

What was the longest softball game ever?

At 6 p.m., the Bluejays began playing Utah. Creighton won that game 1-0 in 31 innings — a 6-hour, 21-minute marathon that still ranks as the longest softball game in NCAA history.

Who is the best male softball player?

Mike Macenko
When it comes to deciding who the greatest men’s softball player of all time is, Mike Macenko is on top of everyone’s list. Macenko is from Brook Park, Ohio.

Who are the best slow pitch softball players?

The Smythe Sox, based in Houston, boast some of the finest slow-pitch players in the world. They reunite each March, leaving their homes in Kentucky and South Carolina and Georgia and Florida. All for the chance to make a run at the annual United States Slow-Pitch Softball Association title.

Who is the greatest softball player of all time?

No one in softball has ever hit the ball harder or farther than the 37-year-old part-time deputy sheriff from Bradenton, Fla. “In the field of softball, he’s the Mickey Mantle,” Smythe Sox owner Tim Smythe said.

Who is the greatest home run hitter of all time?

And he says he has never tried or desired to hit a hardball for distance. In January in Miami, Meade went head-to-head in a softball home run-hitting contest with young and powerful Jose Canseco of the Oakland Athletics, already a heralded long-ball hitter.

What are the rules for slow pitch softball?

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