What is the life of a Kent RO?

What is the life of a Kent RO?

The replacement of RO membrane will be based on the consumption of water, quality of input water and efficiency of sediment filter and carbon filter. Typically, RO Membranes last for about 2-3 years, however we have seen them go as long as 5 years.

Why Kent RO stopped working?

The first thing that comes first is the power supply issue. If there is any kind of problem in supplying power or problem in the consuming of power in RO, it’s going to land up on RO Water Purifier Stopped Working issue. Hence, you need to check the plug and make sure that it is inserted properly.

How do you open a Kent RO drain?

Turn the lever given on SS ball valve to initiate the water flow to purifier. Allow the storage tank to fill to the maximum level. Turn off the lever given on SS ball valve to stop the water flow to purifier. Open the drain plug present at bottom of the storage tank and drain the tank completely.

What to do when RO is not working?

If there is power supply, you can check whether you have inserted the plug correctly. Loose connections can also be one of the reasons for your RO water purifier to stop working. If you are satisfied there are no loose external connections, you should contact your AMC provider or the authorised service centre.

How often should RO membrane be replaced?

every 24 months
Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Change the reverse osmosis membrane every 24 months. Carbon Post Filter – Change this filter every 12 months to ensure quality water. Do not wait until taste is a problem.

What do you need to know about Kent RO Systems?

RO Water Purifiers. 1 UV Water Purifiers. KENT offers innovative UV Water Purifiers that are easy to use and disinfect water without altering its taste and odour. These 2 Gravity Water Purifiers. 3 Home Water Softeners. 4 Kitchen Appliances. 5 Air Purifiers.

Is it safe to repair Kent RO at home?

It removes even dissolved impurities and retains essential minerals giving you 100% pure and safe drinking water.… Repair your RO at home…

How to get in touch with Kent service?

Whether you need repair or installation services or have some AMC related questions, you can get in touch with our customer care via phone, chat, email or Mobile App. All you need to do is call our helpline number which is available 7 days a week. You can also download the KENT service App or send an email depending on your convenience.

How to contact Kent Water Purifier customer care?

KENT Water Purifier Service- Call +91-9278912345 for service queries, Installation, repair and AMC of water purifier, air purifier & other products. Customer care and repair centers, open all days between 8 am to 8 pm.