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What is the IMP interaction model?

What is the IMP interaction model?

The IMP interaction model (Håkansson 1982, p. Additional insights include the use of social media for signalling interaction for Information and Social Exchange, and for parallel and extended use of both social media and conventional communication methods in Cooperation and Adaptations.

What are the four main elements of the IMP interaction model?

A conceptual framework, based on the IMP interaction model, linking the elements of trust, commitment, closeness/ co-operation, power/dependence and exchange to buyer-seller interaction is developed.

What is IMP model?

3. The IMP Model  Assumed long term relationship  The IMP Model consists of: 1) Interaction Process 2) Interaction Parties 3) Interaction Environment 4) Atmosphere. 4.

Who are the owners of the IMP Group?

IMP Group, founded in 1967, is a privately-held investment corporation, which owns a diversified portfolio of market leading, globally focused companies. Presently, we operate in the aerospace & defence, aviation, information services & technology, healthcare, industrial, property management & development, and hospitality industries.

What was the thesis of the IMP Group?

The thesis was a thorough examination of the fundamentals of Interaction Approach that was used to trace the interaction processes that impacted the evolution of a steel company for over a century.

Where does the IMP team in the UK work?

The IMP Team operates out of a UK non-profit, dedicated to building and applying consensus for best practices in impact management. The IMP core team works across offices in the UK, USA and Philippines, supported by an invaluable group of consultants and advisors who contribute to a range of experiences and perspectives.

When did Bjorn Bjorn join the IMP Group?

Already at that time Björn was an engaged member of the IMP Group, committed to developing the conceptual frameworks that marked the IMP research tradition and resulted in in the book Industrial Networks – A New View of Reality (1992), edited together with Geoff Easton and recently republished as one of ‘Routledge Revivals’.