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What is the goal of steeplechase?

What is the goal of steeplechase?

The steeplechase is a unique event in Track and Field in that it combines endurance, speed, and agility into one frenzied, athletic competition. Steeplechasers must be tough mentally and physically, finding the strength and determination to race over the hurdles despite intense fatigue.

Do you wear spikes for steeplechase?

Track spikes are best for this event, but if you haven’t worn spikes in a long time, be prepared, your calves are really going to be sore the next day or two. If you don’t wear spikes, wear some light shoes so that when they get wet they don’t feel like cement blocks.

What are the rules of steeplechase?

What are the rules of steeplechase? During the course of the event, each runner has to clear 28 fixed barriers and seven water jumps to make it to the finish line. It includes a bit over seven laps with a fraction of lap without any barriers. Each of these seven laps have a standard length of 400m.

How much slower is steeplechase?

A 3000 m steeplechase race on average takes 30 s longer than a flat 3000 m race. This is about a 5% difference in time. However, we found only a 2.6% difference in energy cost.

What makes a good steeplechase runner?

Like the 400 meter hurdles, the steeplechase requires a great deal of well-rounded athleticism and a unique blend of multiple talents. The strongest steeplechasers not only possess the perfect combination of speed and endurance, but also a bit more coordination and balance than the average distance runner.

Why do they have water in steeplechase?

The steeplechase may be reasonably viewed as an obstacle course where it’s participants must clear hurdles and water in the shortest length of time of a competitive race. The water increases the challenge; requiring each participant to clear both it and the hurdle with a single bound.

Why is it called the steeplechase?

Runners would often race each other from one town’s church steeple to the next. The steeples were chosen because they were easy to spot from long distances, giving the runners a visible finish line. This is why it’s called the steeplechase, as the runners were literally chasing each other to church steeples.

What does the steeplechase consist of?

Simply put, the steeplechase is a 3,000-meter obstacle race with four barriers, or hurdles, and a water pit. Everyone loves a train wreck, and the water pit is just that. People flock to it when a race starts, hoping to witness a few good crashes.

How to train like a 3000m steeplechase runner?

Steeplechase Training Train like a 3000m(boys can train like a 5000m) runner to have endurance required for the barriers and water jump. Must have the speed of a miler and endurance of a 5k runner! – Girls race 2000mSC – Boys race 3000mSC Incorporate Hurdles into training year round.

What should I do to improve my steeplechase technique?

Can-cans—both directions (side to side, kick heels over end of hurdle) In addition to developing flexibility and hurdling technique, the athlete should focus on developing a strong aerobic base in the initial phase of the training regimen. 3,000m steeplechase training should incorporate the same volume as a 5,000m training plan.

Who are the best steeplechasers in the world?

Since the 1968 Summer Olympics, Kenyan athletes have dominated the steeplechase event, including a clean sweep of the medals at the 1992 and 2004 Games. I remain awestruck by these athletes’ remarkable ability to clear one steeple after the next without breaking stride, merely grazing the water pit and hardly getting wet.

Is the steeplechase a distance race with barriers?

The steeplechase is a distance race with barriers. I have changed my philosophy and decided that the steeplechase is a hurdle distance race. If you compare the flat times in the 2 mile or 3,000 meters to the steeplechase time it will reveal a very startling fact.