What is the difference between Helite turtle and turtle 2?

What is the difference between Helite turtle and turtle 2?

The Turtle 2 Air Vest (with the detachable lanyard) and the more sophisticated but costlier Helite E-Turtle, which detects when an accident is imminent with ‘algorithm technology’, not dissimilar to that used in cars, and triggering the airbag electronically.

Who owns Helite?

Gérard Thevenot
Helite was founded in 2002, after Gérard Thevenot had spent almost 30 years in the Hang Gliding industry, as a pioneer, manufacturer and main engineer for his own company La Mouette.

Are motorcycle airbags worth it?

Considering wearing an airbag jacket or vest can save your life or, at the very least, prevent serious injury, we would say that it’s worth every penny of the investment. After all, your life is priceless and every ounce of protection that you can get while riding a motorcycle is worth it.

What is turtle vest?

The Turtle 2 Vest is an airbag that is worn over your regular motorcycle jacket for neck and torso protection in case you are thrown off your bike. Anytime you ride your motorcycle, the Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest is ready to protect in 0.1 second.

Do motorcycle airbags work?

Now Available: Airbag Jackets for Motorcyclists Statistics indicate that forward momentum in a crash is reduced by roughly 60 percent for the rider in an airbag vest or jacket, and head trauma is reduced by approximately 80 percent.

What is the benefit of air jacket tube?

When inflated, the air circulation chamber extends from the sides of the neck (which stabilises the head) and down the body. It is designed with two air tubes connected by a trampoline effect to maximise protection to the chest and spine. The chamber also inflates to cover the hips, providing protection to the pelvis.

What is a saddle attachment?

The Point Two Air Jacket Saddle Attachment is a nylon strap that attaches to the saddle so that you can use your air jacket. Simply attach the loops of the saddle attachment to each stirrup bar. The saddle attachment comes complete with ‘D’ ring, that enables you to attach the lanyard of your air jacket.

What kind of air jacket does Helite use?

The Air Shell Range by Helite combines safety, comfort and style. The technical ‘Tekseries’ fabric is windproof, shower-proof and the stretch allows for outward expansion. The Air Show is a new milestone in the equestrian airbag sector – it is the first show jumping jacket specifically designed to accommodate the patented zip-out airbag system.

Which is the best air jacket for horse riding?

Helite is the most trusted and proven equestrian airbag manufacturer in the market. Helite Air Jackets offer protection for the back, pelvis and chest. They give neck coverage as well… Loading… The Zip’in 1 Helite Air Shell is worn with an outer jacket. Helite is the most trusted and proven equestrian airbag manufacturer in the market.

What kind of Vest does Helite horse wear?

My Helite Prestige vest in action played its role of guardian angel! Well on the other hand I broke my whip

What kind of airbag do you need for a horse?

The Helite Zip’in 1 airbag system, is compatible with the softshell range. Treehouse are the Helite Equestrian distributors for the UK and Ireland, if you require a Helite…