What is the default password for QSEE?

What is the default password for QSEE?

When you click EmailSet it will ask you for login credentials, use the default username “admin” and default password “admin”.

How do I reset my axis camera to factory settings?

Axis Factory Reset

  1. Disconnect the camera from the power supply and ethernet.
  2. Remove the four screws securing the rear cover and remove it.
  3. Keep the Control button pressed while you restore the power supply.
  4. Hold down the button for about 15 seconds until the status LED is yellow flashing.
  5. Release the Control Button.

What kind of camera is the vivotek ib8369?

The Vivotek IB8369 cable concealing bullet camera features a 2 megapixel CMOS image sensor along with a fixed 3.6mm lens, providing high definition image quality. The Vivotek IB8369 has an HD recording resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a smooth 30 frames per second .

Is there a replacement for the vivotek fd7132?

Please Note: The Vivotek FD7132 is no longer manufactured, please refer to the Vivotek FD8135H as a replacement. The VIVOTEK FD7132 Dome IP Camera, features superior day and night functionality with a removable IR-cut filter and IR illuminators.

What kind of IP camera does vivotek use?

The Vivotek FD7132 dome IP camera is an affordable, relatively low-priced IP security camera that is well suited for indoor home or office use. The IP functionality allows users to access the camera remotely from any computer with and internet connection.

Where is the reset button on a vivotek camera?

The reset button is located in different places, depending on the camera model you have. You just need to look for it and follow the steps below. Open the camera and locate the reset button; Use a reset needle or paper clip to press reset button; Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.