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What is the cruising speed of a CRJ 900?

What is the cruising speed of a CRJ 900?

830 km/h
Bombardier CRJ900/Cruise speed

How much is a CRJ700?

The Bombardier CRJ700 price for a new CRJ700 (Bombardier CRJ700 NextGen Price) is around $35-37 million dollars according to list prices released by Bombardier.

Does CRJ900 have first class?

It carries 76 passengers in a two cabin configuration — 12 in first and 64 in economy. The 900 has larger overhead compartments and bigger windows than most regional jets, making it a little more comfortable. There is also a first class cabin on the CRJ-900’s with seats arranged in a 1×2 configuration.

What is the cruise speed of a Bombardier CRJ700?

Bombardier CRJ700 Specifications – Speed Mach kt mph km/h High speed cruise: 473 knots, 544 mph, 875 km/h or 0.825 Mach Normal cruise speed: 447 knots, 514 mph, 828 km/h, or 0.78 Mach CRJ700 Specifications – Airfield Performance Series 700.

What’s the difference between the CRJ900 and CRJ700?

The company later shelved it for a less expensive, stretched CRJ-X, later designated CRJ900, while the original CRJ-X was designated as the CRJ700. The CRJ700 incorporated several CRJ900 features, such as its revised wing and avionics improvements.

What’s the minimum retraction altitude for a Bombardier CRJ700?

The minimum flap-retraction altitude is 400 feet, but 1,000 feet complies with most noise abatement procedures. When extending or retracting the flaps, use the next appropriate flap setting depending on whether you’re slowing down or speeding up. All of the following occurs quite rapidly.

Where is the kneeboard on a Bombardier CRJ700?

Note: As with all of the Flight Simulator aircraft, the V-speeds and checklists are located on the Kneeboard. To access the Kneeboard while flying, press SHIFT+F10, or on the Aircraft menu, click Kneeboard.