What is the Cherokee word for girl?

What is the Cherokee word for girl?

Cherokee Word Set

English (Français) Cherokee words
Man (Homme) Asgaya
Woman (Femme) Agehya
Dog (Chien) Gihli
Sun (Soleil) Nvda

What is Cherokee for beautiful?

ᏗᏣᏬᏚᎯᎨᏐᎢ (ditsawoduhigeso’i). He/She/It is beautiful (on a regular basis).

What does WADO in Cherokee mean?

thank you
Wa do (or Wado) is the English phonetic spelling of ‘thank you’ in Cherokee.

What does WADU mean in Cherokee?

Wa do (or Wado) is the English phonetic spelling of ‘thank you’ in Cherokee. Although many people still have antiquated and inaccurate images of the American Thanksgiving with pilgrims and Natives gathered around a large dinner table, I know it is a traditional time of thanks for many of our Tribal Nations.

What do you call a girl in Cherokee?

Courting slang 1 ah-ge-hyv — young woman 2 as-ka-ya — young man 3 Ka-ge-u-s-ti ah-ge-yi — “Who is woman over there?” 4 Do-yu-s-te-tsi-do — “What’s your that name girl?” 5 S-ta-i-yu — “Are you sexed up?” (aroused) 6 Ah-yo-li di-tsu — “Are you healthy?” (= do you have anything catching?) (discreet form)

Is there a dictionary for the Cherokee language?

Applications for the Master Apprentice Program are now available. This is the English/Cherokee lexicon or word list. We refrain from the use of the word “dictionary” because it does not provide definitions of words; rather, it provides the translation.

What does Cherokee slang mean covering your bases?

Covering your bases. The slang word for “covering your ass” or “covering your bases” in Cherokee is the word: u-ka — ass, the part of your anatomy you cover, or slang for your reputation. sha-na — hole in the ground. u-k(a)-sha-na — despicable person, equivalent to asshole.

Are there any Cherokee words that end in a vowel?

With the exception of the letter “s,” Cherokee is a complete syllabary comprising some 85 phonetic sounds. Almost all Cherokee syllables end in a vowel. When using the syllabary, Cherokee words can almost always be spelled as they are pronounced.