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What is the best blue color for kitchen cabinets?

What is the best blue color for kitchen cabinets?

Hands Down: The 12 Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

  • Try: Hicks Blue by Little Greene.
  • Try: Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball.
  • Try: Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore.
  • Try: In the Tropics by Benjamin Moore.
  • Try: Heron Blue by Portola.
  • Try: Boro by PaperMint.
  • Try: Olympus Green by Benjamin Moore.

Are blue kitchen cabinets too trendy?

In the years to come, blue cabinets will be just as attractive—and thus valuable to potential buyers—as they were when you installed them. It’s also a color that works well for day to day life. Kitchens are the one room in a home that sees the most abuse.

Is blue a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets are a good idea if they’re going to work for you. As with black, these dark blues are not for everyone, but can have a beautiful effect if it fits the space and your personality.

What color goes with navy blue cabinets?

Pair navy blue cabinets with coordinating white or gray subway tiles for a classic contrast that will always be complimentary. Thinking of hardware? Navy blue cabinets can pull off almost any metallic tone, from silver, gold, copper, or bronze (and anything in between).

Are blue kitchens in style?

After white, blue is probably one of the most popular kitchen colors. It’s classic, calming, and adds color without feeling too in-your-face. This beach house varies shades of blue for more dimension. Industrial-style light fixtures give it a more modern feel.

What kind of cabinets should be in a blue kitchen?

The bright white of the cabinetry and countertops looks elegant next to the dark ceramic tile floor and blue island. This is a really nice simple classic kitchen with white flush-door kitchen cabinets and drawers, white pulls and Walnut woodblock counter top.

What to do with powder blue kitchen cabinets?

The upper cabinets are laminated in white instead of powder blue of the base and the pantry cabinets, counter top is white solid surface and the backsplash material is white graphicote. Overall, this kitchen manages to create a modern kitchen, with a soft and youthful vibe.

What kind of cabinets are in a white kitchen?

The main cabinets are all laminated in white with matching white solid surface counter top, while the taller full-height cabinets are laminated in a wengue color. The blue can be seen applied on the backasplash, which is a graphicote glass.

What kind of kitchen is blue and grey?

a traditional dove grey kitchen, a navy kitchen island with a wooden countertop and wooden stools to match it a traditional kitchen in slate blue with a grey tile, butcherblock countertops and vintage furniture and lamps