What is the best armor for serana?

What is the best armor for serana?

She prefers light armor. She’ll wear heavy armor if you improve it enough, but she’ll always be better off with light armor. She has a very high one-handed skill.

What armor is serana wearing?

Vampire Royal Armor
Serana wears Vampire Royal Armor as her default armor, but it will not appear in her inventory.

Is serana always essential?

10 Serana Is Always Essential Regardless of whether or not the player finishes the Dawnguard questline, Serana will forever be considered to be an essential character, and as such, she cannot be killed by any means.

Will serana wear robes?

If you give her clothes/robes/heavy armor, she won’t wear them. I’ve got my Serana in a fully tricked out suit of dragonscale armor, with a matching dagger and relevant enchantments, and she wears it well.

Is serana a good follower?

As an essential character, she cannot die, which makes her an excellent choice as a companion. Her aggressive behavior can make sneaking difficult, but since she can’t die, Serana makes a great decoy. High stats in sneak, one-handed, and light armor mean she is effective even when out of Magicka.

What kind of armor does Serana wear in Skyrim?

Serana has a very high light armor skill, a base level heavy armor skill, and somewhat decent light armor as her default gear. You can get her to wear steel plate, but you have to improve it at a workbench. You’ll have to improve it a lot for her to prefer that over her default armor.

What should I equip Serana with in RuneScape?

3 Answers 3. Serana is capable of wearing both light and heavy armor, but the armor must be an upgrade over her default gear for her to equip it. From her appearance, I’d guess that she is already equipped with the female version of the Royal Vampire Armor. She will also equip enchanted rings, amulets, circlets, and some weapons.

How many Tera armors are there in Skyrim?

A collection of 64 TERA armors (23 heavy, 28 light, and 13 robes) with more coming every updates. All of them are uniquely beautiful, have weight slider support for both genders, inventory models, relatively balanced stats and recipes and are ready for use in Skyrim. *NOTE – this mod is obviously NOT lore-friendly*

What’s the best weapon and enchantments for Serana?

I’d like to keep Serana in her Vampire Royal Armor as I think the hood thing is nifty. But, if I give her new vamp boots and gauntlets, what are good enchantments to put on them for her? Along the same lines, what’s a good 1H weapon for her? At default, she carries an elven dagger. Should I give her a better dagger, or a sword or war axe instead?