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What is the average of Yamaha RX 100?

What is the average of Yamaha RX 100?

RX 100 Average

ARAI certified mileage 40 kmpl
Owner reported mileage 40 kmpl

Is RX 100 available?

Yamaha RX 100 is now discontinued in India.

Why was the Yamaha RX100 banned?

However, due to strict modern emission norms, two-stroke motorcycles were deemed obsolete soon, and the RX100 bit the dust. Now that the government has banned the sale of two-stroke motorcycles, Yamaha will have to resurrect the RX with a four-stroke engine, if it chooses to.

Is the Yamaha RX 100 a good bike?

The bike is a great combination of swift, safety and comfort. The combination is hardly seen in the other bike of the bike market. When you feel comfort in your bike only then you can enjoy the ride. Without enough safety arrangement a bike never attract you. So when people found a bike like YAMAHA RX 100 they just grab it.

Why did Yamaha pull the plug on the RX100?

The Japanese manufacturer was forced to pull the plug on the icon thanks to stringent emission norms enforced by the government, which spelled doom for all two-stroke vehicles on Indian roads. The RX100 was the result of a radical experiment that Yamaha embarked on to compensate for the RD350’s lack of success in the Indian two-wheeler market.

What was the purpose of the Yamaha RXG?

The RXG was aimed at higher fuel efficiency. The RXG later evolved into the RX 135 and simultaneously a sporty looking version – RX-Z was launched. There was also a 5-speed gearbox offer in these bikes later. However, this had its own set of issues and it failed due to poor fuel efficiency. The last of the RX-135s was sold with a 4-speed gearbox.

Is it legal to sell a Yamaha RX saluto?

This bike is perfectly street legal to sell and any Yamaha dealer can procure this for you. They actually have a new model called RX Saluto. Dimensions are small like the original. However it features a four stroke 100cc engine instead of the torque induced two stroke engine of the original.