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What is the action of the extensor carpi radialis?

What is the action of the extensor carpi radialis?

Crossing the elbow and wrist joints from their posterior aspects, these muscles produce extension at one or both of these joints. The specific action of extensor carpi radialis brevis is to extend and abduct the hand at the wrist joint.

What is extensor carpi radialis brevis?

In human anatomy, extensor carpi radialis brevis is a muscle in the forearm that acts to extend and abduct the wrist. It is shorter and thicker than its namesake extensor carpi radialis longus which can be found above the proximal end of the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

What is the ECRL tendon?

38494. Anatomical terms of muscle. The extensor carpi radialis longus is one of the five main muscles that control movements at the wrist. This muscle is quite long, starting on the lateral side of the humerus, and attaching to the base of the second metacarpal bone (metacarpal of the index finger).

What is the action of extensor Digiti Minimi?

The extensor digiti minimi is a two joint muscle. It acts as an extensor in both joints. It extends the wrist, which means it moves the back of the hand toward the back of the forearm. It also extends the little finger, which means it straightens the little finger from a fist.

Is the extensor carpi radialis superficial or deep?

Relations. Extensor carpi radialis longus is superficial to the deep group of forearm extensors and the belly of the anconeus. The muscle is also lateral to brachialis and is partially overlapped by the brachioradialis.

What is the action of extensor digiti minimi?

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¿Qué es el extensor radial corto?

[ editar datos en Wikidata] El músculo extensor radial corto también llamado segundo radial externo o músculo extensor carpi radialis brevis, es un músculo del antebrazo que extiende y abduce la mano, también imprime un movimiento de supinación de antebrazo.

¿Cómo se inserta el radio en la cara dorsal del carpo?

Pasa luego por debajo del ligamento dorsal del carpo, donde yace en una ranura en la parte de atrás del radio, espacio que comparte con el segundo radial externo, inmediatamente detrás de la apófisis estiloides del radio. Finalmente se inserta en la cara dorsal de la base del segundo hueso metacarpiano, en su lado radial.

¿Qué es el extensor radial del antebrazo?

Músculos superficiales del antebrazo. Músculo extensor radial del carpo resaltado en azul. Inicialmente corre a lo largo del músculo braquiorradial, pero rápidamente se convierte en un tendón que viaja entre el braquiorradial y el extensor radial corto del carpo .