What is technical polymer?

What is technical polymer?

Polymers; They are high molecular weight compounds formed by connecting a large number of molecules with chemical heads in an orderly fashion. Polymers are formed by the combination of units called monomers. A simple example is Polystyrene.

What does polymer mean in science?

polymer, any of a class of natural or synthetic substances composed of very large molecules, called macromolecules, that are multiples of simpler chemical units called monomers. Polymers make up many of the materials in living organisms, including, for example, proteins, cellulose, and nucleic acids.

What are 3 examples of artificial polymers?

Synthetic polymers are derived from petroleum oil, and made by scientists and engineers. Examples of synthetic polymers include nylon, polyethylene, polyester, Teflon, and epoxy.

What is polymer and its application?

Polymeric materials tested include raw materials, polymer compounds, foams, structural adhesives and composites, fillers, fibres, films, membranes, emulsions, coatings, rubbers, sealing materials, adhesive resins, solvents, inks and pigments. …

What are the properties of polymer?

Some of the useful properties of various engineering polymers are high strength or modulus to weight ratios (light weight but comparatively stiff and strong), toughness, resilience, resistance to corrosion, lack of conductivity (heat and electrical), color, transparency, processing, and low cost.

What are the uses of polymer?

Uses of polymers

Polymer Properties Uses
Poly(chloroethene) ‘PVC’ Tough, electrical insulator, can be made hard or flexible Insulation for electrical wires, windows, gutters, pipes
Poly(tetrafluoroethene) ‘PFTE’ Slippery, chemically unreactive Non-stick coatings for pans, containers for laboratory substances

What are the characteristics of polymer?

Every polymer has very distinct characteristics, but most polymers have the following general attributes.

  • Polymers can be very resistant to chemicals.
  • Polymers can be both thermal and electrical insulators.
  • Generally, polymers are very light in weight with significant degrees of strength.

What is the meaning of the word technopolymer?

techno-+‎ polymer. Noun . technopolymer (plural technopolymers) Any plastic material used to fabricate something usually made of metal; Translations

Which is the best definition of the word polymer?

noun Chemistry. a compound of high molecular weight derived either by the addition of many smaller molecules, as polyethylene, or by the condensation of many smaller molecules with the elimination of water, alcohol, or the like, as nylon.

What kind of fillers are used in technopolymers?

We have experience in the processing of technopolymers/hyperpolymers, both in their non-charged variations, both with carbon or glass fiber fillers, with self-lubricating additives (PTFE, silicones, etc.) and with stabilizing or flame retardant fillers.

What are the technical characteristics of technopolymer gears?

The technopolymer gears, as well as all the technical details of our expertise, have some decisive characteristics for the solution of problems that often arise in the motion transmission. Possibility to choose the most suitable material for the application. High level of inertia to aqueous or acidic substances.