What is SCOSTA?

What is SCOSTA?

SCOSTA CL Operating System Smart card operating system developed by CDAC is compliant to SCOSTA (OS Standard for Smart Cards). The Operating System provides a mechanism for the exchange of information between the smart card and reader and interpretation of commands and data.

What is Scosta no?

A technical Sub-committee was set up to draw operating system specifications for the smart card based Indian Driving Licences (DL) and Vehicle Registration Certificates (RC) on in June 2001. The SCOSTA specification is largely compliant with the international ISO 7816 standard (parts 4 to 9) for smart cards.

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What does SCOSTA stand for in smart card?

SCOSTA stands for Smart Card Operating System for Transport Applications and is the operating system specification for smart cards to be used as vehicle registration cards and drivers license cards in India.

What kind of applications can SCOSTA be used for?

But otherwise the standards are absolutely generic and are deployment-ready for all kind of Identity applications like Citizen ID Card, PDS card, Election Card, BPL Card, , PAN Card etc. Since, SCOSTA is primarily based on ISO-7816 standards, and therefore also comply with any international requirements.

Which is IIT Kanpur smart card is SCOSTA compliant?

IIT Kanpur has taken a lead in developing an operating system for contact smartcards which is SCOSTA compliant. It is being used in vehicle registration and driving license in many states all over the country. Recently IIT K has developed operating system for contact less Smart cards which is SCOSTA compliant and is being referred to as SCOSTA CL.