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What is rice spikelet?

What is rice spikelet?

Spikelets are the basic inflorescence units in rice and typically consist of a flower of interlocked lemma and palea forming a husk, two lodicules, six stamens, and one pistil.

What are wheat spikelets?

In contrast to the spikelet of other cereal crops such as rice and barley, each wheat spikelet has more than one grain. This makes the wheat spikelet one of the most essential grain yield components [18].

What is floret in rice?

Significance. In cereal crops, the number of florets in a spikelet is an important factor affecting the grain number per panicle and then the grain yield. In wild-type rice, one spikelet produces one fertile floret. This study characterized a gain-of-function mutant lateral florets 1 (lf1) in rice.

How many florets are in a spikelet?

two florets
Each spikelet contains two florets enclosed by two leaf-like organs called glumes. The maize tassel produces several branch meristems each of which produces several spikelet pair meristems. In turn, each spikelet pair meristem produces spikelet meristems.

What type of inflorescence is rice?

panicle spikelet
Inflorescence of rice is a panicle spikelet. It is a type of racemose inflorescence. Rice spikelets are attached to panicle branches.

What is Glume in rice?

The spikelet is the primary unit of the rice inflorescence and contains a fertile floret and a pair of empty glumes (also called “sterile lemmas” or “rudimentary lemmas”), subtended by a pair of highly reduced glumes called rudimentary glumes. Recently, functions of many homeotic genes have been elucidated in rice.

Are sepals present in rice flower?

From the outermost to innermost, these include: whorl 1, four sepals; whorl 2, four petals; whorl 3, six stamens; and whorl 4, two carpels. (B) Rice flowers are also composed of four concentric whorls of floral organs. From the outermost to innermost, these include: whorl 1, one palea and one lemma; whorl 2.

What is a lemma in grass?

Lemma is a phytomorphological term referring to a part of the spikelet. It is the lowermost of two chaff-like bracts enclosing the grass floret. It often bears a long bristle called an awn, and may be similar in form to the glumes—chaffy bracts at the base of each spikelet.

What are the critical stages of rice?

Crops Critical Stages
Rice Initial tillering, flowering
Wheat Most critical stage: Crown root initiation, tillering, jointing,. booting, flowering, milk and dough stages
Wheat Boot stage; dough stage
Pulses Flowering and podding.

What are the different stages of rice?

The entire life of rice plants is divided into three growth stages; namely vegetative growth stage growth stages; namely vegetative growth stage, reproductive stage, and the ripening (grain filling) stage.

How are spikelets related to the yield of rice?

Consequently, yield improvements in a rice cultivar are always associated with an increase in grain number per unit ground area (grains are filled spikelets). Understanding the relationship between the number of spikelets when they differentiate and the number of grains at harvest is important in understanding the basis of high yield in rice.

How does heat stress affect spikelet sterility in rice?

Accordingly, we inferred that changes in auxin level might be involved in abnormal pollen tube growth in the pistil of rice under heat stress, as the auxin levels in the pistil of a cultivar with heat sensitive genotype were significantly decreased under heat stress, and thus the spikelet sterility was significantly increased.

What’s the ratio of spikelet number per panicle?

Rice plants at LD produced a higher panicle number per plant but lower panicle number per unit area, accompanied by higher D-SPP and SPP, on average. A-SPP and the ratio of

How is the form of rice inflorescence determined?

Thus, the form of rice inflorescence is determined by a reiterative pattern of decisions made at the meristems. In the dominant gain-of-function mutant tawawa1-D, the activity of the inflorescence meristem (IM) is extended and spikelet specification is delayed, resulting in prolonged branch formation and increased numbers of spikelets.

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