What is RC classification?

What is RC classification?

Refused Classification (RC) is a classification category referring to films, computer games and publications that cannot be sold, hired, advertised or legally imported in Australia. RC-classified material contains content that is very high in impact and falls outside generally-accepted community standards.

Can 13 year olds watch M movies?

Content classified M is not recommended for anyone under 15 years of age. Although not legally restricted, it’s definitely higher level content than PG, so these computer games and films are generally better for older kids.

What is an M rated movie?

While an M classification means the film is unrestricted – anyone can see it – it is more suitable for older viewers. The M classification means the movie might contain violence, offensive language, drug use, sexual or adult themes or nudity that some kids and parents find challenging.

What is the difference between M and ma15+?

M films are recommended for people aged 15 or older. A person needs to be 15 or older to see an MA 15+ film. The content is strong and unsuitable for people aged under 15. However people under 15 can see an MA 15+ film if accompanied by their parent or an adult guardian.

Can a 5 year old see a PG 13 movie?

Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. While The Motion Picture Association of America recommends that children under 13 do not see PG-13 movies, there is no magical age.

What age is PG-13?

PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned, Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13. This rating is a stronger caution for parents that content included may not be appropriate for children under 13 (pre-teen ages). This may include stronger language, extended violence or sexual situations and drug-use.

Who is responsible for the classifieds section of RC groups?

Note: RCGroups.com assumes no responsibility for transactions that take place via the Classifieds section . How Long Does Your Patience… R/C simulators, tools, and other items related to R/C aircraft that can’t logically be categorized in another forum.

Where can I buy and sell RC aircraft?

Synergy R/C Helicopter – ARF,… A place to sell or trade lightweight electric-powered RC airplanes or parts that fit into the micro or indoor sizes – including small 3D, pattern, sport, and micro RTF planes like Aero Ace. Electric Ducted Fan Jets and related equipment.

Which is the largest radio control classifieds site in Australia?

Australia’s largest FREE radio control classifieds site. RC Trader – FREE RC Classifieds! The Worlds largest dedicated Radio Control classified listings & trading site. To view the listings from a category, select one of the categories displayed. To contact sellers or sell an item, first register, then login. HELP? SIG RASCAL EP 1245mm WS A…

What do you need to know about RCG for sale?

A place for discussions (good and bad) related to buying, selling, and trading in the RCG For Sale / Wanted forums. Note: RCGroups.com assumes no responsibility for transactions that take place via the Classifieds section . WOW! How times change…