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What is purmol?

What is purmol?

Purmol is the trade name for Zeochem’s line of synthetic zeolite molecular sieve powders. Purmol molecular sieves are used in turf grass manufacturing to control moisture adsorption in the adhesive backing that keeps the turf secured to an underlying surface.

What is molecular sieve activation powder?

4A molecular sieve activation powder: An additive or aggregate used in paints, paints, resins, and certain adhesive agents to reduce moisture.

What are 4A molecular sieves?

The 4A molecular sieve is an alkali metal aluminosilicate with an effective pore opening of approximately 4 angstroms. The sodium form of type A is widely used as a general-purpose drying agent and has good physical and adsorption properties.

What is zeolite molecular sieve?

Zeolite molecular sieves are used in industrial applications since more than 60 years, mainly as highly efficient adsorbents for separation processes in gas or liquid phase. Due to new challenges from the market, more specialized, tailor-made types of zeolite molecular sieves are required.

What type of zeolite is used in oxygen concentrators?

The most common type of commercial zeolite for oxygen concentration process is zeolite 13X due to its outstanding nitrogen to oxygen adsorption selectivity.

How long do molecular sieves take to work?

Add molecular sieves of about 3 to 4 times of the calculated amount of the organic solvent, and leave it for about 24 hours with occasional stirring. The time varies depending on the type of solvent, but leave it a few days if it is hard to dry.

Why does zeolite adsorb nitrogen?

The selectivity for zeolite adsorbents to adsorb nitrogen compared to oxygen is due to the interaction between electrostatic field of the cationic zeolite and the quadrupole moment of the nitrogen and oxygen.

What does zeolite do for the body?

Zeolites eliminate harmful substances, stop destructive attacks of ROS, and find and bind pathogens in the circulatory system.

What can purmol powder be used for in paint?

Purmol adsorbents are used in some high-quality traffic paints which need to be applied in various weather conditions and regions of the country. Adding Purmol powder to these coatings allows for a paint that is unaffected by humidity as it dries on pavement. These are just a handful of the countless applications for Purmol adsorbents.

Which is the best outdoor application for purmol?

Compared to grass, artificial turf saves on water usage, fuel usage from mowing and weed-killer usage – all positives for the environment. Another outdoor sports application for Purmol adsorbents is outdoor running tracks.

How is purmol used as a molecular sieve?

Like other molecular sieves, it selectively adsorbs small polar molecules while excluding others, which makes it a useful addition in many products. We have manufactured Purmol molecular sieve powders for many years, and through that time they have seen a wide variety of uses.

Which is the best purmol for polyurethane sealing?

PURMOL 3ST ve PURMOL 3STH is the best solution for removal of humidity from polyurethane Sealing.