What is pre SQL in Informatica?

What is pre SQL in Informatica?

pre SQL means ” SQL statement executed using the source connection,before a pipeline is run” and post SQL means ” SQL statement executed using the source connection,after a pipeline is run”.

What is pre-session command in Informatica?

Informatica Session Components Tab: Pre-session and Post-session Command. Pre-Session Command: We can define Operating System Commands or programs to be executed before the data loading process (Session Process) starts. Make backup/copy of target tables so that old data can be restored in case of data loading fails.

How do I run multiple SQL statements in Informatica?

To execute multiple SQL queries before executing the session, create a script/bat file in the Informatica Server machine and invoke the script file in the Pre-Session command.

What is source qualifier transformation in Informatica?

The source qualifier transformation is active and connected. It is used to represent the rows that the integrations service reads when it runs a session. The source qualifier transformation converts the source data types in the Informatica native data types. …

What is tracing level in Informatica?

Tracing levels in Informatica define the amount of data you wish to write in the session log when you execute the workflow. The tracing level is a very important aspect of Informatica, as it helps in analyzing errors. Terse tracing level occupies less space than Normal.

What is constraint based loading in Informatica?

Constraint based loading technique is available in Informatica PowerCenter since couple of its prior versions. This PowerCenter feature will let you load multiple tables in a single session, which is having database level primary key – foreign key constraint or parent – child relation.

What is Command Task Informatica?

The Command Task in Informatica is used to run Unix or Shell commands during the Workflow. You can use this Task to Move, Copy, or Remove files after the data is loaded, etc.

How can we use stored procedure in Informatica?


  1. Create a Stored Procedure transformation and name it SP_GET_ITEM_COUNT.
  2. Select the ODBC connection for the source database.
  3. Select the stored procedure named SP_GET_ITEM_COUNT from the list and click.
  4. In the.
  5. Open the Stored Procedure transformation, and click the.
  6. Click.
  7. Select the source database and click.
  8. Click.

Is SQL transformation active or passive?

If you run the SQL transformation in script mode, then it becomes passive transformation. If you run the SQL transformation in the query mode and the query has a SELECT statement, then it becomes an active transformation.

Why do we use source qualifier?

Whenever we add a relational source or a flat file to a mapping, a source qualifier transformation is required. When we add a source to a mapping, source qualifier transformation is added automatically. With source qualifier, we can define and override how the data is fetched from the source.

What is a source qualifier speech?

What is a source qualifier? A brief description telling why a source is qualified to address a topic.

How many types of tracing level are there in Informatica?

4 different types
Informatica tracing levels can be configured at the transformation session levels and has 4 different types of tracing levels.

How to create pre SQL and POST SQL in Informatica?

Once we created the workflow, our next step is to create a session task for our mapping. There are two types of sessions in Informatica: For this Informatica Pre SQL and Post SQL example, we created a Non-reusable Session and named it as s_Pre_and_Post_SQL for the session. Please link the Start Task, and the Session Task.

What can you do with session property in Informatica?

Using SQL query property, you can override the SQL for the source. You can also override the source table name in this section. In this section, you can configure the details of the target. You can define whether target load has to be a bulk load or a normal mode.

How to use PRE / POST SQL depending on session status?

Pre / Post SQL depending on session status In the session only in the components tab there is a property called Post session success command and post session failure command . So u do not require any link condition . Whenever the session fails or it succeeds u can directly write an insert command that hits the database.

How to create a source qualifier in Informatica?

Once you drag the source, the Power Center designer will automatically create the Source Qualifier for you. Double click on the Source Qualifier transformation, and go to properties Tab to configure the Informatica Pre SQL and Post SQL