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What is Pascal VOC?

What is Pascal VOC?

Pascal VOC is a collection of datasets for object detection. The most commonly combination for benchmarking is using 2007 trainval and 2012 trainval for training and 2007 test for validation. The total time to prepare the dataset depends on your Internet speed and disk performance.

How do I download Pascal VOC?

Download Instructions

  1. Go to:
  2. Create an account using Google or Facebook.
  3. Download the dataset.

How many images are in a VOC dataset?

The PASCAL VOC dataset is split into three subsets: 1,464 images for training, 1,449 images for validation and a private testing set.

How many classes are in Pascal VOC?

20 classes
The PASCAL Visual Object Classes (VOC) Challenge

Year Notes
2007 This year established the 20 classes, and these have been fixed since then. This was the final year that annotation was released for the testing data.

How do you convert Pascal VOC to Yolo?

Convert PascalVOC Annotations to YOLO

  1. Place the file into your data folder.
  2. Edit the dirs array (line 8) to contain the folders where your images and xmls are located. Note: this script assumes all of your images are .
  3. Edit the classes array (line 9) to contain all of your classes.
  4. Run the script.

What is VOC in deep learning?

Pascal Visual Object Classes(VOC) Pascal VOC is an XML file, unlike COCO which has a JSON file. In Pascal VOC we create a file for each of the image in the dataset. In COCO we have one file each, for entire dataset for training, testing and validation.

What is VOC format?

Creative Voice , filename extension . voc is an audio format for digital audio data for developed in the 1990s Sound Blaster – sound cards from Creative Technology .

What is the Pascal dataset?

This dataset is a set of additional annotations for PASCAL VOC 2010. It goes beyond the original PASCAL semantic segmentation task by providing annotations for the whole scene. The statistics section has a full list of 400+ labels.

How do I create a Pascal VOC dataset?


  1. Check the examples/ to understand how to call the PASCALVOC07 class.
  2. Config your own information in your pascal voc dataset.
  3. Set the dataset directory, annotations file and output directory, then just run build , wait for your own pascal voc dataset.

How do you treat VOC exposure?

How do we treat volatile organic compound toxicity? The mainstay of treatment is to remove the source of the exposure. You can increase your home’s ventilation by opening windows and doors and using fans to increase air circulation. Fumes may remain for longer periods of time if the room is very humid.

How is DPM-VOC + VP trained on Pascal?

DPM-VOC+VP [4] is trained on the PASCAL VOC 2012 train set, and tested on the PASCAL VOC 2012 val set. RCNN [5] is trained on the PASCAL VOC 2012 train set by fine-tuning a pre-trained CNN on ImageNet images, and tested on the PASCAL VOC 2012 val set.

How is RCNN trained on PASCAL VOC 2012?

RCNN [5] is trained on the PASCAL VOC 2012 train set by fine-tuning a pre-trained CNN on ImageNet images, and tested on the PASCAL VOC 2012 val set. We propose a new metric called Average Viewpoint Precision (AVP) to evalute object detection and pose estimation joinly similar to AP in object detection.

Which is the best benchmark for Pascal VOC?

Benchmarks Edit Task Dataset Variant Best Model Semantic Segmentation PASCAL VOC 2012 test EfficientNet-L2+NAS-FPN Object Detection PASCAL VOC 2007 Cascade Eff-B7 NAS-FPN Weakly Supervised Object Detection PASCAL VOC 2007 wetectron Weakly Supervised Object Detection PASCAL VOC 2012 test CASD

Who are the authors of the PASCAL VOC challenge?

The PASCAL Visual Object Classes (VOC) Challenge Everingham, M., Van Gool, L., Williams, C. K. I., Winn, J. and Zisserman, A. International Journal of Computer Vision, 88(2), 303-338, 2010 Bibtex source| Abstract| PDF The table below gives a brief summary of the main stages of the VOC development. Year Statistics New developments