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What is PALS HeartCode?

What is PALS HeartCode?

HeartCode® PALS is an online comprehensive eLearning program that uses eSimulation technology to allow students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. In this environment, students apply their knowledge to real-time decision-making and skills development.

Is there a PALS pretest?

The PALS Precourse Self-Assessment is an online tool that evaluates a student’s knowledge before the course to evaluate their proficiency and determine the need for additional review and practice. The student must complete the Precourse Self-Assessment and achieve a score of at least 70% before taking the PALS Course.

How much does it cost to take PALS?


ACLS or PALS $185.00 $100.00
Heart Saver CPR AED $60.00 $60.00

How do I pass PALS certification?

How to Pass Your PALS Certification the First Time

  1. Actively Participate in the Class.
  2. Engage in Discussions During Scenarios.
  3. Be Able to Diagnose Symptoms.
  4. Know Basic BLS Skills.
  5. Know the PALS Medications.
  6. Calculate Medication Dosages by Weight.
  7. Use Practice Tests for Studying.

Are online Pals certifications AHA approved?

While you are able to complete a portion of the AHA PALS Certification online, you are also required to complete an in-person, hands-on skills assessment in order to successfully pass the course and become AHA PALS Certified. So, the short answer to the question is no – there are no entirely online AHA PALS Certifications.

Should I become ACLs or PALS certified?

As a health care provider, you should seriously consider becoming ACLS and PALS Certified in order to improve your medical knowledge and performance. While all medical staff and other people whose professions involve working with people have to be BLS Certified, all those who work in intensive care and emergency rooms have to get an ACLS certification, and those working closely with children have to be PALS certified.

Will ACLS cover BLS certification?

Tools/Resources. Both BLS and ACLS teach the proper techniques of using an automated external defibrillator (AED). ACLS Certification courses cover several additional tools and resources that can be used in a life-threatening situation.

Is BLS required for ACLS?

While BLS is often required for medical professionals, BLS / CPR courses are commonly completed by teachers, coaches, lifeguards, babysitters, and more. Conversely, ACLS is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. This includes physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, paramedics, dentists and more.