What is Mercedes forward collision mitigation?

What is Mercedes forward collision mitigation?

Distronic is an adaptive cruise control system that uses a radar sensor mounted on the front bumper to monitor traf- fic ahead and maintain the driver’s selected following distance. As traffic conditions dictate, the system employs up to 20 percent of the vehicle’s braking force to maintain the set following distance.

How do I reset collision prevention assist?

Leaving the car to idle for 10-15 minutes can often help it recharge enough for the system to kick back in. If restarting doesn’t work, check the front bumper where the sensors sit; if it is covered in debris such as dirt or ice, clear it off to unblock the sensors and restart the car to allow them to read the road.

What does it mean when Collision Prevention Assist Plus inoperative?

The “Collision Prevention Assist Plus inoperative” message simply means that the feature has stopped working and the car will not only cease to detect possible collisions but will not be able to automatically apply the brakes.

What is Active Brake Assist in Mercedes?

Active Brake Assist can help to prevent accidents with vehicles in front and with crossing pedestrians or to minimise their consequences. If required, this creates additional braking pressure in order to avoid a collision where possible. If the driver does not respond, the system initiates autonomous emergency braking.

How does Mercedes Benz Collision Prevention Assist Plus work?

Based on the prognosis of accident researchers, the assistant is able to reduce the number of serious accidents by up to 30 percent. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS works unobtrusively in the background – just like all the other Mercedes-Benz assistance systems.

What kind of assistance system does Mercedes Benz have?

Just how important it is to have a vehicle that anticipates and intervenes in an emergency is shown by the performance of COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, which Mercedes-Benz has introduced in all model series (exceptions: G-Class and SL).

What causes Collision Prevention Assist Plus inoperative message?

Collision assists malfunctions can be caused by something as simple as low battery voltage but can also be an indication of a faulty Engine Control Unit (ECU). What does Collision Prevention Assist Plus Inoperative mean?

When to use collision prevention and Adaptive Brake Assist?

If the system determines that a collision may be likely, Adaptive Brake Assist will automatically provide the ideal level of braking as soon as you step on the brake pedal. And at speeds up to 40 mph, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST and Adaptive Brake Assist will even help you avoid stationary objects that you may not have seen.