What is Maximo Scheduler?

What is Maximo Scheduler?

Maximo Scheduler is work management solution embedded in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management that provides organizations the tools they need to manage their simple and advanced planning, scheduling and assignment processes.

What is IBM Maximo tool?

IBM Maximo is a web-based Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution, leader in the world. IBM Maximo is an Enterprise asset management solution (equipment, installations, buildings, etc) and services including; purchasing, inventory, management of locations, service desk, and work planning.

What is Akwire?

Solufy’s AKWIRE Visual Suite is the most comprehensive suite of Planning and Scheduling tools for the Maximo CMMS. Equipped with the right tools, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling departments can achieve sustainable improvements, optimize wrench time, and save their organizations thousands of hours and dollars.

What is Maximo CAFM?

CAFM is a database that has asset information, equipment location, floorplans, etc. to present you a well-rounded picture of the use of your facilities. The CAFM software spans project management, preventive maintenance, space management, building operations, and much more.

Who owned Maximo before IBM?

Maximo was originally developed by Project Software & Development Inc (PSDI) which changed its name to MRO Software in 2000. The product was acquired by IBM and placed in the Tivoli Portfolio.

How much is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo Pricing Overview IBM Maximo pricing starts at $250.00 per month. They do not have a free version. IBM Maximo offers a free trial.

What does the IBM Maximo scheduler do for You?

IBM Maximo Scheduler is an add-on offering in the Maximo Asset Management portfolio that enables users to optimally plan, schedule, assign and track work using an intuitive graphical user interface with simple drag and drop functionality.

Is there a planning and scheduling upgrade for Maximo?

No Maximo shutdowns are required to install upgrades, and Planning & Scheduling is compatible with Maximo 5.x to 7.x. There is additional information available for this solution. This link will only work if you have access to the IBM intranet.

Which is the best way to use Maximo software?

Run Maximo software on the infrastructure you already have, with flexible licensing to help you manage costs. Start every day the right way by arranging the day’s work requirements in the Maximo start center. Define your plan of attack for scheduled and unscheduled work with the right resource at the right time.

How to schedule w.o.and p.m in Maximo?

With the integrated visual calendar, Maximo users can view and schedule W.O. and P.M. in a true calendar format. With a simple ‘drag and drop’, your schedule requires no manual entry for changes. Arrange WOs by the hour, day, or week.