What is mangalsutra pendant?

What is mangalsutra pendant?

A mangalsutra is basically a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant. Mangalsutra carries immense importance in Hindu weddings as well as in the lives of Hindu married women. It is a symbol of marriage and is worn by the bride until her husband’s death.

Is mangalsutra made of gold?

Mangalsutra is usually a black beaded chain in the thin wire of gold. The gold wire and black beads are supposed to destroy the distressing vibrations. The black beads absorb the negative energy before they can reach the bride and her family.

Can a unmarried girl wear mangalsutra?

The symbolism of Mangalsutra Worn as a symbol of marital status, it is a promise made by the husband to the wife of staying together forever. Hence, to safeguard her married life and also the life of her husband, a Hindu married woman has to wear Mangalsutra.

Which is the best mangalsutra design in gold?

Simply Classic Gold Mangalsutra: This mangalsutra is having a classic gold pattern like two gold stick are meeting each other. This simple mangalsutra designs in gold is having a tear drop design in gold and it is covered with silver circle. It is furnished with shining gold. 10. Black Beaded Simple Mangalsutra:

What kind of mangalsutra is a single line?

Delicate Single Line Mangalsutra: It is simple mangalsutra pattern with single line of small black beads. It is having two pink twinkling balls attached with each other. In between these pink balls, a hook is connected to dangle a beautiful diamond pendant.

How many pearls are in a mangalsutra chain?

This simple gold mangalsutra design is having three pearls in a row. There is a circle of gold embossed with diamond in between each pearl. The chain is in single line with black beads. The design is fetching much fame with these ultra-soft pearls. 14. Black Flower Pendant Mangalsutra:

How big is a gold plated mangalsutra necklace?

Digital Dress Room Jewellery Women’s Pride Gold Plated Mangalsutra Necklace 30-Inches Length Traditional Ethnic Latest Design Golden Pendant and Latkan Black Gold Beads Double Line Layer Long Chain for women