What is KeySpec?

What is KeySpec?

A (transparent) specification of the key material that constitutes a cryptographic key. If the key is stored on a hardware device, its specification may contain information that helps identify the key on the device. Its only purpose is to group (and provide type safety for) all key specifications.

How do I create a self signed certificate in Windows?

What to do

  1. Click the Windows icon in the taskbar, Search for IIS, and open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Click the server’s name in the Connections column on the left—Double-click the Server Certificates icon.
  3. In the Actions column on the right-hand side, click Create Self Signed Certificate.

How do I change my KeySpec?

The KeySpec can be changed by re-importing the complete certificate and private key from a PFX file into the certificate store using the steps below: First, check and record the private key permissions on the existing certificate so that they can be re-configured if necessary after the re-import.

What are CNG keys?

The CNG (Cryptographic Next Generation) Key Isolation service provides key process isolation to private keys and a number of associated cryptographic operations as required by the Common Criteria.

What is KeyFactory in Java?

public class KeyFactory extends Object. Key factories are used to convert keys (opaque cryptographic keys of type Key ) into key specifications (transparent representations of the underlying key material), and vice versa. Key factories are bi-directional.

How do I change ADFS SSL certificate?

Add > Object Types > Select Service Accounts > Locate and select your ADFS service account. Grant full control. Launch the AD FS management console > Service > Certificates > Set Service Communication Certificate. Select the correct (new) certificate > OK.

What is the value of the keyspec property?

The KeySpec property identifies how a key generated or retrieved by Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI), from a Microsoft legacy Cryptographic Storage Provider (CSP), can be used. A KeySpec value of 1, or AT_KEYEXCHANGE, can be used for signing and encryption. A value of 2, or AT_SIGNATURE, is only used for signing.

How to change the keyspec for your Certificate?

How to change the keyspec for your certificate to a supported value Key Specification (“KeySpec”) is a property associated with a certificate and key. It specifies whether a private key associated with a certificate can be used for signing, encryption, or both.

What is the keyspec value in certreq.exe?

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. A KeySpec value of 1, or AT_KEYEXCHANGE, can be used for signing and encryption. A value of 2, or AT_SIGNATURE, is only used for signing. The values shown are hexadecimal (decimal) values for each bit definition.

How to set key spec or keyexchange property?

One way of doing it is to convert your certificate to pfx (pkcs12) format and it will get the default value for KeySpec i.e KeySpec = 1 — At_KEYEXCHANGE Use the openssl command ‘pkcs12’ as following: openssl pkcs12 -inkey mssql-key.pem -in mssql-cert.crt -export -out mssql-cert.pfx You will get follwoing in the output of certutil: