What is Idexx Laboratories Inc?

What is Idexx Laboratories Inc?

Description. IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures, and distributes products and services primarily for the companion animal veterinary, livestock and poultry, dairy, and water testing markets worldwide. The company operates through CAG; Water Quality Products; Livestock, Poultry and Dairy; and Other segments …

What is Idexx testing for dogs?

The IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test is a standard for accurate detection of heartworm and tick-borne disease. Peer-reviewed studies support that the IDEXX 4Dx Plus Test is the most accurate screening test available.

Who is IDEXX competitors?

Heska Corporation
Abbott LaboratoriesAbaxis, Inc.
IDEXX Laboratories/Competitors

What does 4Dx test for?

The 4Dx snap test in the veterinary world is a blood test that is run in the hospital and provides results in 8 minutes. The test is a screening process for six vector-borne diseases. We are checking your dog for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia canis, Ehrlichia ewingi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma platys.

How long do idexx results take?

Respiratory Disease (CRD) RealPCR™ Panel (Comprehensive) – Canine(2524) zooepidemicus RealPCR™ tests. Includes quantification of distemper viral particles if PCR positive….Cytology.

Pickup time Results delivery
All times 3–5 working days (Standard) 1–2 working days (Priority)‡

How to contact IDEXX reference laboratories in the US?

IDEXX Reference Laboratories Support Reference Laboratories: 1-888-433-9987

How to contact IDEXX vetlab analyzers customer support?

SNAP Tests/IDEXX VetLab Analyzers Support. Phone: 1-800-248-2483. Email your customer support request. Digital Imaging Systems Support. Phone: 1-877-433-9948. (Material) Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

How to contact IDEXX Laboratories in Westbrook Maine?

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. One IDEXX Drive Westbrook, Maine 04092 United States 1-207-556-0300 1-800-548-6733 Fax: 1-207-556-4346.

Where can I get test results from IDEXX?

Laboratory results are available at vetconnectplus.com Free nationwide FedEx service with IDEXX-Direct service Cornerstone software and hardware: 1-800-695-2877 Questions about your order? If you need information or have questions about your order for in-house tests and supplies, call us at 1-888-79-IDEXX.