What is error code 6A00 on Canon printer?

What is error code 6A00 on Canon printer?

Error Code 6A00 apparently means that the “auto-purge” unit is not operating correctly. The auto-purge unit is three “squeegees” that move horizontally along guides to wipe across the print head nozzles after printing to remove the excess ink.

What do I do when my Canon printer says error?

Reset the Canon printer

  1. Switch on the printer.
  2. Press and hold the Stop/reset button.
  3. Press the button that you use to make a color copy and hold it down.
  4. Wait 5 seconds.
  5. The printer now reboots and sets itself up.
  6. Does the printer indicate that the device needs to be calibrated?
  7. You’ve reset your printer.

Why does my Canon printer show error?

Canon printers produce error codes for one of several reasons: The settings for your printer might not be compatible with the document you’re trying to print. The loading bay for your paper might have become lodged with paper or you’re using the wrong type of paper.

How do I fix canon 5011 error?

Fix: Canon Printer Error 5011

  1. Unplug your printer and let it stay off for 3 minutes, then power it back on and test. If it doesn’t work, then turn it off again.
  2. Lift the lid from the printer, including the scanner. With the lid open, turn the printer back on.
  3. Then close the lid and see if that fixes the issue.

How do I get my Canon printer out of error state?

How do I get my printer out of an error state?

  1. Make ports settings changes. Press the Windows logo key + R on your keyboard > type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open the Device Manager.
  2. Make sure that your printer is Online.
  3. Reinstall the printer driver.
  4. Set the Print Spooler service to automatic.
  5. Update Windows.

What is a 5011 error for a Canon printer?

If the cartridge holder becomes constant and refuses to move to the center then this error 5011 occurs in your canon printer. When this error occurs in the canon printer and you are going to print a document, then the error message signifying the error 5011 is displayed by your computer or by your canon printer.

How do I get my printer out of error mode?

Sometimes, simply restarting both your computer and printer can be the solution to the “printer in error state” issue. Power off your printer and computer completely, leaving them in this state for a few minutes, then turn them on again to see if the problem is gone.

How do I fix b203 error?

How can I fix Canon printer error b203?

  1. Perform a power cycle. At first, turn off your Canon printer.
  2. Check your ink cartridge. First of all, turn off your printer and make sure all the ink cartridges are full.
  3. Rule out a potentially bad network connection.
  4. Remove paper jam.
  5. Update drivers.
  6. Use Windows Troubleshooter.

Why did my Canon printer suddenly stop working?

The three most common solutions are to reset the printer, check the network communication, and if needed, update or reinstall the printer drivers. Press the Power button to turn off the printer. To troubleshoot a communication issue, reconnect the data cable (not applicable to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared).

How do you do a hard reset on a Canon printer?

1 Factory Reset

  1. Press Setup.
  2. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Device settings and then press OK.
  3. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset setting and then press OK.
  4. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset all and then press OK.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Press OK. Your device is now reset.

How do I fix error 5011 on my Canon printer?

  1. Perform a Power Cycle. The easiest fix for this error is to perform a power cycle.
  2. Check the Cartridge. Since the error 5011 mostly appears if the printer cartridge is stuck, it is recommended to check for the same.
  3. Remove and Reinsert the Cartridge.