What is copper sulfide formula?

What is copper sulfide formula?

Copper(I) sulfide/Formula

Is copper sulfide ionic or molecular compound?

Copper ii sulfide or cupric sulfide represented by the chemical formula CuS that bears the IUPAC name sulfanylidenecopper is a black powder or lumps that is soluble in nitric acid but insoluble in water. It occurs as the mineral covellite and is an ionic compound [3, 4].

What type of compound is CuS?

Copper(II) sulfide

PubChem CID 14831
Structure Find Similar Structures
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula CuS
Synonyms Copper(II) sulfide 1317-40-4 Copper monosulfide Copper sulfide CUPRIC SULFIDE More…

What is the properties of copper sulfide?

Copper(II) Sulfide Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula CuS
Appearance black powder or lumps
Melting Point 500 °C (932 °F)
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.6 g/cm3

What is the name of Cu3N2?

Copper(II) Nitride Cu3N2 Molecular Weight — EndMemo.

Why is the name copper sulfide incorrect?

What is the correct name for Cu2S? For the formation of electrically neutral compound, the metal copper must have a charge of . Copper is a transition metal element, so its valency is written in parentheses with Roman numeral while writing the name of compound. Thus, the name of will be copper (I) sulfide.

Why is CuS black?

Copper monosulfide is a chemical compound of copper and sulfur. A black colloidal precipitate of CuS is formed when hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is bubbled through solutions of Cu(II) salts.

What is CuS called?

Copper sulfide
Copper(II) sulfide/IUPAC ID

What type of reaction is copper sulfide?

Cu2S can be prepared by heating copper strongly in sulfur vapour or H2S. The reaction of copper powder in molten sulfur rapidly produces Cu2S, whereas pellets of copper require much higher temperature. Cu2S reacts with oxygen to form SO2: 2 Cu2S + 3 O2 → 2 Cu2O + 2 SO.

What is the molecular formula for copper sulfide?

Copper (II) sulfide PubChem CID 14831 Structure Find Similar Structures Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS Molecular Formula CuS Synonyms Copper (II) sulfide 1317-40-4 Copper mon

What is the composition of a binary copper sulfide?

In chemistry, a “binary copper sulfide” is any binary chemical compound of the elements copper and sulfur. Whatever their source, copper sulfides vary widely in composition with 0.5 ≤ Cu/S ≤ 2, including numerous non-stoichiometric compounds.

What is the crystal structure of copper disulfide?

At very high pressures, a copper disulfide, CuS 2, can be synthesized. Its crystal structure is analogous to that of pyrite, with all sulfur atoms occurring as S-S units. Copper disulfide is a metallic conductor due to the incomplete occupancy of the sulfur p band.

How is copper sulfide oxidised to form Cu metal?

Cu 2 S reacts with oxygen to form SO 2: In the production of copper two thirds of the molten copper sulfide is oxidised as above, and the Cu 2 O reacts with unoxidised Cu 2 S to give Cu metal: