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What is consumers Cooperative Society?

What is consumers Cooperative Society?

A consumers’ co-operative is an enterprise owned by consumers and managed democratically which aims at fulfilling the needs and aspirations of their members. They operate within the market system, independently of the state, as a form of mutual aid, oriented toward service rather than pecuniary profit.

Which cooperative society is formed by consumer?

Kendriya Bhandar (Delhi), Apna Bazar (Mumbai) and Janata Bazar (Karnataka) are a few examples of consumer cooperatives in India working under the government control.

What is an example of a consumer cooperative?

Consumer Cooperatives The model is used in many sectors and includes credit unions, grocery co-ops, telephone and electrical distribution, housing and childcare. Some examples of consumer cooperatives are: REI, UW Credit Union, Willy Street Co-op, Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, Madison Community Cooperative.

What are the main features of consumer cooperative?

(1) A consumers’ co-operative society is a voluntary association of persons and is registered under the Co-operative Societies Act. (2) The membership of these stores is open to all the adults. (3) There is a democratic control and management of the affairs of these societies.

What are the three types of cooperative society?

Types of Cooperative Society

  • 1] Producer Cooperative. To protect the interest of small producers, these societies are set up.
  • 2] Consumer Cooperative.
  • 3] Credit Unions.
  • 4] Marketing Cooperative Society.
  • 5] Housing Cooperative Society.

What are some examples of cooperative businesses?

A cooperative business can operate in nearly any industry or sector, but you are more likely to see co-ops in the following areas:

  • Agriculture.
  • Insurance.
  • Financial services, such as a credit union.
  • Grocery.
  • Education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Housing.
  • Utilities.

Which is the flagship cooperative society in Nigeria?

Vision: To be the flagship Cooperative Society in Nigeria and to nurture a winning network of Cooperatives and members.

When was NNPC staff cooperative multipurpose society established?

NNPC Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited is registered under the Cooperative Law of Lagos State and was founded in 1979 with the sole objective of providing quality and efficient services to her members, anchored on improving their economic and social well being.

When is Ordinary General Meeting of NNPC Lagos?

Inauguration of the NNPC Cooperative Multipurpose Society Mega Station Operational Review Committee on 12th February 2018. This is to inform all members that an Ordinary General Meeting of the Society is slated for 19th October, 2017 at Regency Hall, Otunba Jobi-Fele Way, MKO Abiola Garden, Alausa, Ikeja – Lagos by 10:00 am prompt.