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What is Concordance database?

What is Concordance database?

Concordance® is an electronic discovery, litigation document management, and litigation support tool. Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share—across your firm or around the world.

What is Concordance 10 used for?

CloudNine Concordance is an effective, cost-efficient way to manage and review the high volumes of documents generated during litigation. Speed legal staff review time by getting started while importing data. Streamline collaboration by sharing case data with co-counsel and others.

What is Lexisnexis CaseMap?

CaseMap is the essential litigation solution for smaller cases. It allows you to. capture and organize facts, documents, persons, evidence, issues and legal. research relevant to your case in a centralized repository, and keep vital information. at your fingertips.

What is summation software?

Summation is a legal case management solution that enables law firms, government agencies and corporations to streamline processes related to eDiscovery, data visualization, case organization and more.

What is eDiscovery point?

Thomson Reuters eDiscovery Point is a cloud-based ediscovery software solution for attorneys. It’s designed to help solo and small law firm attorneys deal with the demands of ediscovery in a way that puts the user in control of time and costs, a refreshing change for the ediscovery process and existing technology.

What is Relativity eDiscovery?

Relativity is a complete eDiscovery platform that helps legal teams solve complex data problems during litigation, investigation, and compliance projects. It allows multiple users to gather, access, and analyze this data from different sources, thereby streamlining the legal process.

What is the current version of CaseMap?

CaseMap 14
CaseMap is owned by LexisNexis. The current version is CaseMap 14.

Is CaseMap cloud based?

The CaseMap Cloud Answer Center With CaseMap Cloud, organize critical facts, documents and issues via TimeMap and TextMap, and create case reports for case staff, clients, and the courts faster than ever before.

What is Relativity e discovery?

Is Relativity proven?

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What is CaseMap used for?

CaseMap is a relational database which is specifically designed for legal and trial-related applications. It has been optimized to make organizing and evaluating facts, people, research, and issues easy. All aspects of a case may be sorted and/or searched, and the relationships between these items are preserved.