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What is computer network essay in English?

What is computer network essay in English?

Computer networks are used to connect multiple computers to an internet connection, or to printers, scanners, etc in the same area that the network covers. There are many types of networks that are classified using several different characteristics of each network.

What is the importance of computer networking?

It acts as basis of communication in Information Technology (IT). It is system of connected computing devices and shares information and resources between them. The devices in network are connected by communication links (wired/wireless) and share data by Data Communication System.

Why computer networking is important in today’s situation?

Computer networking enables employees to share ideas more easily and work more efficiently. It increases their productivity and generates more income for the company. More importantly, computer networking improves the way companies offer their services to the world.

What is computer networking explain it?

A computer network comprises two or more computers that are connected—either by cables (wired) or WiFi (wireless)—with the purpose of transmitting, exchanging, or sharing data and resources. Computer networks enable communication for every business, entertainment, and research purpose.

What is networking and example?

An example of networking is sharing and acquiring information between different divisions of the same company to share information and solve business problems. An example of networking is linking the entire network of computers to a print server to allow each workstation to have the ability to print documents.

What is computer networking and its uses?

Computer networks help you to connect with multiple computers together to send and receive information. Switches work as a controller which connects computers, printers, and other hardware devices. Routers help you to connect with multiple networks. It enables you to share a single internet connection and saves money.

What is networking and its advantages?

Sharing devices such as printers saves money. Site (software ) licences are likely to be cheaper than buying several standalone licences. Files can easily be shared between users. Network users can communicate by email and instant messenger .

Are social networking sites good for our society essay?

Essay on Social Networking Sites: Beneficial to Society. 1451 Words6 Pages. Social networking sites are great for society, promoting increased communication and connection between hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. While some people do argue that the dangers of online networking far outweigh the benefits, it is clear that this is not the case; rather it is the other way around.

What are some examples of social networking?

An example of social networking is Facebook. An example of social networking is a family, a neighborhood, a religious organization or a sports team.

What are the types of social networking?

Common types of social networking services include full networks, such as Facebook, Google+, and There are also short message networks, such as Twitter and Plurk , which are often used for sharing announcements, events, sales notices, and promotions.

What are some examples of social networking sites?

Examples of popular social networking websites include MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, YouTube,, and LinkedIn. Members of social networking websites communicate by posting weblogs (blogs), messages, video and music streams or files, and chatting. Often members of social networking sites join smaller communities within their network.