What is Citrix License Server VPX?

What is Citrix License Server VPX?

The Citrix License Server VPX is a self-contained Linux based virtual appliance that allows you to quickly and easily deploy licensing for Citrix XenServer in your environment. The appliance can be brought online in your environment in just a few easy steps: ▪

How do I allocate Citrix ADC VPX licenses?

Login to MyAccount (www.citrix.com/account ). Select Quick find: All active to see all licenses. Select the licenses you want to allocate. From the Select an action menu, choose Allocate licenses.

How to Import Citrix license File?

Use downloaded license file

  1. Choose Use downloaded license file.
  2. Choose a file.
  3. Choose the check box to replace an older file with the same name.
  4. Click Import. The Citrix Licensing Manager displays information about the licenses.
  5. After your license file is successfully uploaded to the License Server, a message displays.

How to migrate Citrix License Server?

License server migration

  1. Install the license server software on the new server.
  2. Return the licenses via the Citrix portal, then renew them for the new server.
  3. apply the licenses to the new server via the admin console on that server.
  4. update the existing farm to point to the new license server (citrix policy)

How does a Citrix server work?

In a Citrix application delivery setup, IT configures central servers to host applications and resources. Citrix Virtual Apps isolate the applications from the underlying operating system (OS) and delivers them to the target device. The user sends keystrokes and mouse clicks to the server and receives screen updates.

How do I find my Citrix ADC license?

In a web browser, type the IP address of Citrix ADM (for example,

  1. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.
  2. On the Configuration tab, navigate to Networks > Licenses > VPX Licenses.
  3. You can view the allocated licenses in the table under the available licenses section.

How do I set up a server for licensing?

Configuring the License Server

  1. Install the license server.
  2. Launch the configuration wizard.
  3. Set a port number.
  4. Specify your license key.
  5. Configuring the License Server from Command Line.
  6. Configure the license server page.
  7. Limit access to the license server page.
  8. Register using the license server.

How do I point Citrix to license server?


  1. In Server Manager, open the Manage menu and click Add Roles and Features.
  2. Click Next until you get to the Server Roles page.
  3. Click Next until you get to the Role Services page.
  4. Click Add Features if prompted.
  5. Then finish the wizard to install the role service.

How do I change my Citrix license server name?

Changing License Server in Provisioning Farm:

  1. Run Provisiong Services Configuration Wizard on PVS server.
  2. Use “Next” button to reach “License Server” configuration page.
  3. Update the hostname and use “Next” button to finish.

How to install and configure license server VPX?

Download the Citrix License Server VPX from the link Citrix License Server VPX. From the XenCenter File menu, click Import and follow the on-screen instructions to import the Citrix License Server Virtual Appliance. Note : When the import task is complete, the CLSVA appears as a Virtual Machine (VM) on your host. 3.

Can a VPX check out a Citrix license?

The ADM software stores and manages the licenses, which have a licensing framework that provides scalable and automated license provisioning. A Citrix ADC VPX instance can check out the license from the Citrix ADM when a Citrix ADC VPX instance is provisioned.

How to allocate VPX licenses to Citrix ADC VPX instances?

You can allocate VPX licenses to Citrix ADC VPX instances on demand from Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM). The ADM software stores and manages the licenses, which have a licensing framework that provides scalable and automated license provisioning.

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