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What is celect siding made of?

What is celect siding made of?

Made of cellular PVC composite, Celect siding is designed to faithfully mimic the natural grain of wood without its corresponding hazards and headaches.

Is celect siding insulated?

The color of Celect siding is designed to be highly fade-resistant, and it boasts nearly twice the R-value (an insulating material’s resistance to conductive heat flow) of wood and fiber cement.

Can celect siding be painted?

Celect siding is constructed from a cellular composite that emulates the look and feel of real wood. Unlike vinyl siding, Kynar Aquatec® coating can be stained or painted.

What is cellular PVC siding?

Cellular PVC trim is a wood replacement product made of PVC, molded into forms while in a different state than normal PVC, enabling it to be cut and shaped much like wood without wood’s disadvantages. Cellular PVC can be cut, milled, shaped and routed like wood with normal woodworking tools.

How good is celect siding?

Royal Celect siding has so many Pros. It’s completely maintenance free, looks like real cedar, extremely durable and gives your home stunning curb appeal. It’s made up of a cellular PVC material you don’t have to worry about recaulking, repainting, or any other annoying maintenance task.

Is PVC siding the same as vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride, aka PVC. Meanwhile, polymer siding is made from polypropylene resin.

Is Royal siding expensive?

Prices for Royal siding will run you between $2.00 to $7.00 per square foot, depending on your area and the installation costs. This price puts them solidly in the midrange in terms of affordability.

What is CraneBoard siding made of?

CraneBoard® Solid Core Insulated Siding® wraps homes in advanced thermal resistance technology that conveys the authentic presence of cedar-grain wood. Its aesthetic qualities harmonize with stone, shake and board & batten with equal effectiveness, brilliantly combining energy efficiency with curb appeal.

What kind of siding is CELECT made out of?

Celect is a 100% recyclable siding made entirely from cellular materials that faithfully emulates the appearance of wood. Celect�s patented interlocking system makes seams nearly invisible and keeps moisture out. We, too, were first in the area. Supposed Rep from Celect on site to direct installation.

What makes CELECT siding so resilient to mold?

Celect siding is constructed from a cellular composite that emulates the look and feel of real wood. Every cellular material used in the manufacturing process repels moisture and will stop damage from mold, mildew, and insects. To further protect this already resilient material Celect siding is also equipped with Kynar Aquatec® coating.

Which is best CELECT or Royal composite siding?

Embrace the premium home exterior that takes care of you. For homeowners with Celect ® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal ®, the good life is having the most curb-appealing exterior—and the most carefree maintenance—on the block. Actually, it’s a great life.

What kind of warranty does CELECT siding have?

Celect® Siding Maintenance 25-year warranty on coating, and any scars or scratches can be touched up with paint Kynar Aquatec ® coating staves off rain, dust, heat, wind and even pollution Celect’s highly impact-resistant finish can handle heat, cold and errant baseballs better than anything