What is Arasa Maram in English?

What is Arasa Maram in English?

PEEPAL TREE-BODHI SATVA TREE-ARASA MARAM (FICUS RELIGIOSA)SEEDS Ficus religiosa, the Sacred Fig Tree, is associated with Buddism as it’s the tree under which Budda became enlightened. The fruits are small figs, green ripening to purple.It is high Oxygen producing tree.

How to grow Arasa Maram?

Open the seed packet on a sheet of paper and put the seeds into the prepared soil to half inch of depth. While watering, sprinkling water through a sprinkler or manually using your hands. Germination may take place 10-12 days. Then you may transplant the seedlings to garden soil and it will grow as small tree.

Why is it called arasamaram?

Arasa maram called as Bodhi satva tree or Peepal tree. ARASU means King, it is called as “King of the trees”. The Peepal tree releases pure oxygen.

What do we get from peepal tree?

Peepal tree leaves contain Glucose, Asteriod and Mennos,Phenolic while its bark is rich in Vitamin K, tainen and Phaetosteroline. All of these ingredients make the peepal tree an exceptional medicinal tree.

What was the purpose of the arasa maram tree?

In traditional medicine, it is beneficial in treating nearly 50 types of disorders such as asthma, dysentery, arthritis, boils and acne, etc. The leaves, the bark and the fibre are used for fodder, dye, tanning, and the milk is used as a sealant.

What can Peepal Arasamaram leaves be used for?

The leaves are also used to relieve constipation. For relieving boils and swollen salivary glands as in mumps, the leaves of the tree are coated with clarified butter and applied as a poultice. The latex is used for relieving warts. The powdered fruit is useful in asthma.

How to treat eczema from Arasa Maram Tree?

Eczema itching: Take 50 gms peepali bark ash and add lime and ghee properly and make the paste of the mixture. Apply this paste on effective areas and it will prove soothing effects. Take 40 ml tea of peepal bark regularly and it will also be useful.