What is an MX record for DNS?

What is an MX record for DNS?

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A DNS ‘mail exchange’ (MX) record directs email to a mail server. The MX record indicates how email messages should be routed in accordance with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP, the standard protocol for all email). Like CNAME records, an MX record must always point to another domain.

Do I need an MX record to receive email?

Each domain (and sub-domain) need to have an MX-record in order to receive email. An MX-record is simply a DNS-entry that tells the sending server (SMTP-server) where to deliver the email. A typical MX-record would look something like this: example.com.

Does MX record name matter?

An MX (Mail eXchange) record is a DNS record pointing to the mail server that is responsible for handling email for a given domain. It is therefore important that your domain has proper Name Servers so that the Domain Name System can answer queries about the necessary domain name records.

How do I add an MX record to an email?

Adding an MX Record

  1. Select MX from the Type drop-down menu.
  2. Leave the Host field blank, unless you were provided a value by your email host.
  3. Enter or copy+paste the mailserver domain into the Answer field.
  4. Leave TTL as 300 (default)
  5. Enter the provided Priority.
  6. Click the Add Record button.

Can an MX record point to a Cname?

MX and NS records must never point to a CNAME alias. Domains that are used for e-mail may not have a CNAME record – this can have undesirable results with different mail servers.

How do I check my MX record?

To use NSLOOKUP to view MX records:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type “nslookup” then press Enter. You will see the following: Default Server:
  3. Type “set type=mx” then press Enter.
  4. Type the domain name that you want to look up, then press Enter. The MX records of that domain will appear.

What is a valid MX record?

A mail exchanger record (MX record) specifies the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name. It is a resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS). It is possible to configure several MX records, typically pointing to an array of mail servers for load balancing and redundancy.

How to configure MX record for incoming e-mail?

In order to properly configure your domain’s MX Record you should contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the party responsible for hosting your DNS Domain name. They will ask you for your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and IP address of your mail server. Make sure you know them.

Which is an example of using multiple MX records?

You can create MX records for a single Internet domain — for example, renovations.com — with multiple Internet domain names — for example, renovations.com, qrs.com, and xyz.com. Note: Users can address mail to each domain name and each domain has a backup SMTP server.

Where do MX records point to in the real world?

Here are a few real world examples of where to point your MX records. If your organization receives email directly then your MX record would point to a public IP address for your firewall or internet-facing email server (eg Edge Transport server).

What does a MX record in DNS mean?

MX is a DNS record used to define the host (s) willing to accept mail for a given domain. I.e. an MX record indicates which computer is responsible for handling the mail for a particular domain. Without proper MX Records for your domain, only internal e-mail will be delivered to your users.