What is an FTR code?

What is an FTR code?

The Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), sections 30.7 and 30.45, require evidence of the proof of filing, post departure filing citation, AES downtime citation, exemption or exclusion legend on the bill of lading, air waybill, or other commercial loading documents.

What does no EEI 30.37 a mean?

no electronic export information
The first part, “NO EEI,” means no electronic export information. The second, numerical part, refers to your exempted shipment’s corresponding regulation. NO EEI 30.37(a): Shipments valued at $2,500 or less.

What is foreign trade regulations?

Foreign Trade Regulations means (a) any act that prohibits or restricts, or empowers the President or any executive agency of the United States of America to prohibit or restrict, exports to or financial transactions with any foreign country or foreign national, (b) the regulations with respect to certain prohibited …

Is AES filing required for American Samoa?

EEI Filing Exemptions Shipments TO most U.S. possessions (i.e. Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Midway Island, Wake Island, and American Samoa). For additional exemptions, see the FTR Sections 30.36-30.40. Shipments FROM the U.S. or Puerto Rico to other U.S. Territories.

What does FTR exemption mean?

Exemption of documents used in international transactions, documents moving out of the U.S. to facilitate international transactions including airline tickets, internal revenue stamps, liquor stamps and advertising literature.

What is an ITN number?

An ITN is essentially the passport for your export shipment. The ITN (Internal Transaction Number) is the number you receive confirming your Electronic Export Information (EEI) has been accepted in the Automated Export System (AES) . AESDirect filers will receive an email with the ITN after acceptance.

What branch regulates foreign trade?

executive branch
Federal agencies that help in trade regulation include the Department of Commerce (DOC) and the International Trade Administration(ITA). The DOC is an agency of the executive branch that promotes international trade, economic growth, and technological advancement.

What is the purpose of foreign regulations?

The objective of regulation is to ensure fair and ethical business behaviour. In their turn all foreign exchange brokers, investment banks and signal sellers have to operate in compliance with the rules and standards laid down by the Forex regulators.

What are the exemptions from the CFR Part 30?

Subpart D – Exemptions From the Requirements for the Filing of Electronic Export Information (§§ 30.35 – 30.41-30.44)

What does FTR stand for in federal regulations?

The FTR is the regulation contained in 41 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Chapters 300 through 304, that implements statutory requirements and Executive branch policies for travel by federal civilian employees and others authorized to travel at government expense.

How to comply with the 15 CFR § 30?

30.6 Electronic Export Information data elements. 30.7 Annotating the bill of lading, air waybill, or other commercial loading documents with proof of filing citations, and exemption legends. 30.8 Time and place for presenting proof of filing citations and exemption legends. 30.9 Transmitting and correcting Electronic Export Information.

What are the 30 CFR regulations for exports?

30.3 Electronic Export Information filer requirements, parties to export transactions, and responsibilities of parties to export transactions. 30.4 Electronic Export Information filing procedures, deadlines, and certification statements. 30.5 Electronic Export Information filing processes and standards.