What is an advanced mining turtle?

What is an advanced mining turtle?

The Advanced Turtle is a block added by the ComputerCraft mod. An enhanced version of the Turtle built with an Advanced Computer, which allows colour display and mouse interaction within the GUI. It is essentially a robot with the ability to move around, detect, place blocks and pick-up or drop items.

What MOD has mining turtles?

The turtle still requires fuel to move, but mining a block (without moving) does not require fuel….

Mining Turtle
Source Mod ComputerCraft

How do I connect my mining turtle to my computer?


  1. Start “client” on the turtle.
  2. Start “remote” on the pocket computer and input the turtle ID (printed on start of “client”)
  3. You can reconnect as many times as you want, and you can have as many remotes for one turtle as you want.

What is the difference between turtle and advanced turtle?

How do you program a mining turtle?

So, for you to make the Turtle program, first craft a Turtle. Then make a Mining Turtle. To save the program, press CTRL and select SAVE with the Arrow Keys. After that, type MyFirstTurtleProgram (or whatever you called your program).

Do Mining turtles load chunks?

They keep the chunk that they’re in loaded (like a spot loader). They’re designed so that they can enter unloaded chunks, however. Some of the chunkloaders are glitchy mine will sometimes when I place them it works and sometimes it doesnt.

How do you get a mining turtle to put something in your chest?

Place down a chest (diamond recommended), and place the turtle in front of it. It is that simple. When it’s inventory becomes full it will dump all of it’s items into the chest.

What can you do with a wireless turtle?

Its name will change appropriately with the equipment installed, such as Wireless Mining Turtle equipped with a Modem and Diamond Pickaxe . Installing a tool, weapon or peripheral can be done in a crafting grid, or with the command: turtle.equipRight () and turtle.equipLeft () as applicable.

Is there a wireless turtle in Tekkit classic?

The wireless mining turtle is similar to a Mining Turtle except it can be controlled from a Computer with a Wireless Modem or another Wireless Turtle. The modem is always on the right side. The range of the wireless modem is 64 blocks in clear weather, but reduces to 16 blocks in a thunderstorm.

What do you use a mining turtle for?

The mining turtle is most commonly used as an early-game form of automatic mining. It is relatively cheap to maintain, however you must first find a diamond pickaxe. Once the user has obtained a diamond pickaxe, the turtle must be supplied with some form of fuel, e.g coal, to keep running.

How do you run a program on a turtle?

To run a program, simply type the name of the program or command followed by any parameters it requires. The Turtle can be programmed to execute a task automatically upon starting the game, at the prompt enter this simple code: where nameOfTask is one of the built-in programs, commands or a Player writen task.