What is Aitsl standard?

What is Aitsl standard?

Standards for Teachers. Page 2. AITSL was formed to provide national leadership for the Commonwealth, state and territory governments in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership with funding provided by the Australian Government.

What is the purpose of the Aitsl standards?

The Standards enhance the professionalism of teachers by raising the status and contributing positively to the public standing of the profession (AITSL 2011b). They have two main purposes: to improve the quality of teaching ◆ to support the career progression of Australian teachers.

What are the 7 domains of Philippine professional standards for teachers?

The 7 domains are as follows: Domain 1 – Content Knowledge and Pedagogy, Domain 2 – Learning Environment, Domain 3 – Diversity of Learners, Domain 4 – Curriculum and Planning, Domain 5 – Assessment and Reporting, Domain 6 – Community Linkages and Professional Engagement, Domain 7 – Personal Growth and Professional …

How many professional standards are there?

20 Professional Standards
View the complete list of the 20 Professional Standards.

What do the teaching standards mean?

The Teachers’ Standards are a set of professional standards for teachers and trainees that are expected to be maintained when they gain QTS (qualified teacher status). Those in education can come back to these standards throughout their career as a way to review their own progress and success as teachers.

What do you need to know about the QCT?

Complaints against teachers The QCT investigates some complaints against teachers. Information on complaints the QCT can deal with, and the process for investigating and managing complaints, relevant fact sheets and forms. Investigations Information on compliance and practice and conduct investigations.

Can a QCT take disciplinary action against a teacher?

The QCT can receive complaints and investigate information it receives about a teacher’s professional conduct or competence. We can take disciplinary action against teachers who fail to uphold relevant standards. Find out about and download the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

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