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What is a WOLF cub single Winder?

What is a WOLF cub single Winder?

SINGLE WATCH WINDER WITH PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – The WOLF Cub Watch Winder is a device that keeps self-winding automatic watches wound and in time when not being worn. WOLF patented system simulates human wrist action, providing 900 turns per day (TpD) and intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed.

Is WOLF a good watch winder?

As a specialist in handmade watch winders, safes, and other similar storage solutions, Wolf is a favorite that you’ll see on just about any list of great winders. Its Heritage Double is a relatively simple offering that accommodates two watches. Orbita is another well-known player in the watch winder space.

What is a Cub watch winder?

Just stack together to suit your needs, Cub winders are the perfect match for any watch aficionado’s growing collection. Young, smart and uncomplicated, the cub takes care of your watch with ease. Six sides perfectly proportioned to encase your timepiece safely and precisely.

Are watch winders bad?

Good quality watch winders, in general, will not cause damage to your automatic watch. However, poor quality or incompatible winders may not be safe for the watch due to magnetization of the watch, constant engagement and excessive wear of the slip clutch.

What does a WOLF watch winder do?

A WOLF winder rotates your watch with pause and sleep phases so it can never overwind the watch, it will exercise the watch which is good for all time.

What does a watch winder do?

How Does a Watch Winder Work? A watch winder works by slowly rotating your watch within a case or device to remove the process of having to manually wind your watch if you’ve taken your automatic watch out of your daily wear rotation for a few days or weeks.

How long do WOLF watch winders last?

How long will the batteries last in my winder? Depending on the weight of your watch and the rotation cycles selected, batteries will last anywhere from 3-6 months.