What is a variable voltage mod?

What is a variable voltage mod?

What are variable voltage/wattage mods? In simple terms, VV/VW are a battery powered vaping device that has an internal circuitry that regulates its output power through adjusting voltage, or adjusting the wattage.

How do you use variable voltage?

Variable Wattage

  1. Install an e-liquid delivery device (e.g. an atomizer) on your battery.
  2. Select the variable wattage option.
  3. Set the wattage on your device to the desired level.
  4. The device will automatically select the appropriate voltage.

What does variable voltage mean?

Variable Voltage Vaporizers Vaporizers with variable voltage simply means that you have the option of selecting the voltage at which your battery operates. In other words, no matter how much power you have remaining, you can enjoy a consistent volume of vapor.

How many watts is a 1.4 ohm coil?

And it probably lasts longer than the regular coil too. Since it’s a 1.4-ohm coil head, basic ohms law tells us that is also has a max wattage of 12 watts.

How to use variable voltage / variable wattage mods?

Additional Tips on Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage Mods: Start using your device at a low setting and gradually increase it until you have found the setting that works best for you. Keep VV/VW away from water or extreme temperatures. Since they use delicate circuitry it is best to avoid these to prevent damage to the device.

Can a battery be set to a variable voltage?

Batteries do not give out a consistent voltage, it fluctuates up and down and most people favoured wattage settings, as this setting would compensate for the fluctuations. So no matter what the resistance (oHm rating) of the coil in your tank/clearomizer, the device using variable wattage would adjust automatically.

How does a regulated voltage mod work on a laptop?

The power you’re using in regulated mods isn’t depended on the build itself or the charge level of the batteries. For the user to adjust the level of power, regulated mods usually complement their main fire button with two more buttons, for increasing and decreasing the Wattage. And for getting into menus.

What do you need to know about VV / VW mods?

What Is A VV/VW Mod? A VV/VW Mod at it’s simplest is a battery powered vaping device that uses circuitry to regulate its output power and allows adjustment of it’s output power in two ways: 1. By adjusting the voltage. 2. By adjusting the wattage.