What is a supplementary assessment?

What is a supplementary assessment?

A supplementary assessment is an additional form of assessment designed to assist in assessing whether a student has achieved the academic standard required for a Pass level of achievement; a student’s assessment demonstrates knowledge of fundamental concepts and essential skills sufficient to meet the course learning …

What is a supplementary task?

A supplementary exam/assessment is an additional form of assessment designed to assist in determining whether a student has achieved the academic standard required for a Pass grade of achievement. you have not failed an assessment task in the course due to academic misconduct.

What is supplementary exam in college?

The supplementary examination is an opportunity to reappear for End Term Examination only. The weightage of this examination will remain same as the weightage of the End Term Examination of the regular semester in which the student was awarded ‘F’ Grade.

Can you fail a supplementary exam?

What Happens if you Fail a Supplementary Exam. Failing a matric re-write doesn’t mean your academic life comes to a halt. If you fail, you can register to redo your matric. It might take longer than you expected but you will achieve your goal at the end.

Are supplementary exams harder?

Is supplementary exam difficult? The assessments are, in general, a bit harder because you are being given a second chance. Additionally, since the tests are done in isolation, it means that the student does not have tension for other subjects. To be fair to other students, the assessment is set to be tougher.

What is supplementary form?

University supplementary forms are those forms which are usually given or sold to students who applied for admission in that school but didn’t get admitted because of one reason or another, because of that a student is expected to buy his or her chosen Universities supplementary form,in order to have another chance to …

Are supplementary exams difficult?

What happens when you fail a supplementary exam?

How do I pass a supplementary exam?

Here are few tips to the students to confidently face the II PUC Supplementary exams:

  1. Study whole of your notes.
  2. Students writing exam, should make a plan and divide time for each subject.
  3. Make a regular time table to study, do not study at a stretch and take a few minutes break.

Where can I get supplementary results?

The application form for the supplementary exams is available at high schools, district and provincial education offices or you can email us at [email protected]. You must submit your application with: a copy of your statement of results, a certified copy of your ID, and.

What happens in the case of supplementary assessment?

8.2 In the case of Supplementary assessment – Other (SO), subsequently to the initial notification, the Course Coordinator will provide the student with details on the task and logistics for completing the supplementary assessment.

When does a student need a supplementary task?

6.2 In the case where the student has failed more than one assessment task, the supplementary task must be designed to cover the learning outcomes of all the failed assessment tasks. 7. Ratification of eligibility for supplementary assessment

Who is not eligible for the supplementary assessment?

5.3 Students whose final mark is less than 47 per cent at the time of the official release of grades will not become eligible for supplementary assessment should an application for a review of final grade result in an adjusted final mark in the range of 47 to 49.4 per cent. 6. Nature of the supplementary assessment