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What is a sentence for instruct?

What is a sentence for instruct?

1 : to give knowledge to : teach, train. 2 : to provide with authoritative information or advice the judge instructed the jury. 3 : to give an order or command to : direct.

How do you use instruct verbs?

instruct somebody to do something The letter instructed him to report to headquarters immediately. instruct somebody where, what, etc… You will be instructed where to go as soon as the plane is ready. instruct somebody She arrived at 10 o’clock as instructed.

What is the example of instruct?

The definition of instruct is to teach something or to tell someone how to do something. When you teach a class, this is an example of a time when you instruct the students. When you tell someone the proper way to eat at a table, this is an example of a time when you instruct him in table manners.

What is an example of inform?

To inform is defined as to tell, give knowledge or information. An example of to inform is someone telling a friend what time they’ll arrive. To disclose confidential or incriminating information to an authority. The defendant informed against the other members of the ring.

How do you instruct?

How to Instruct – Respect for People

  1. Each important step is said twice.
  2. Articulate, Important Step with Key Point with Reason during the 3rd time you tell and show.
  3. Read directly from JIB, do not add words.
  4. Turn and look for acknowledgement through learner’s eyes and expressions.
  5. Slow down instruction, short pauses.

What does Reinstruct mean?

Filters To instruct again or anew
Filters. To instruct again or anew.

What is the opposite of instruct?

instruct. Antonyms: misinform, miseducate, misinstruct, misguide, mislead, misacquaint, deceive, neglect, barbarize, brutalize. Synonyms: enlighten, educate, inform, indoctrinate, acquaint, teach, edify, train, discipline, direct, initiate, command.

What is the adjective for instruct?

Word family (noun) instruction instructor (adjective) instructive instructional (verb) instruct (adverb) instructively.