What is a MeSH qualifier?

What is a MeSH qualifier?

MeSH contains several different types of terms. Descriptors (main headings): characterize the subject matter or content. Qualifiers: are used with descriptors and afford a means of grouping together those documents concerned with a particular aspect of a subject.

How do I find a list of MeSH terms?

MeSH terms with subheadings To access MeSH terms, click on the drop-down menu beside the search box on the main PubMed page. Type in a term and the system will present you with a list of subject headings, with definitions, from which you can choose.

How do you check a MeSH word?

You can search for MeSH terms directly using NLM’s MeSH database, available for free online: You can also search the MeSH database through the various interfaces to Medline – each interface provides an option to type in words and find MeSH terms.

What are examples of MeSH terms?

For example, the subheading “Therapy” is used with a MeSH term that describes a disease, when the article is about treatment for that disease. Publication Types: This describes the type of article that is being indexed, for example, a “Journal Article” or a “Review” or “Clinical Trial”.

Does Cinahl use MeSH terms?

CINAHL uses the (U.S.) National Library of Medicine’s Medical Subject Headings (MeSH). These subject headings are arranged in a hierarchy that enables searching at various levels of detail, from general to very specific terms.

What does MeSH terms mean?

Medical Subject Headings
The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) thesaurus is a controlled and hierarchically-organized vocabulary produced by the National Library of Medicine. It is used for indexing, cataloging, and searching of biomedical and health-related information.

Does PsycInfo use MeSH terms?

PsycInfo records include MeSH terms if the document has also been indexed by PubMed (this accounts for approximately 35% of PsycInfo records), but MeSH terms are not mapped to APA Thesaurus terms or vice versa. A MeSH term in a PsycInfo record is hyperlinked to PubMed, therefore selecting it triggers a PubMed search.

How do you perform a MeSH search?

To search within MeSH:

  1. To browse a list of subject headings available in the database, click the MeSH button on the blue sub-toolbar. Users can search MeSH in MEDLINE three different ways:
  2. Mark the check box to the left of a term.
  3. Click Search Database. Your search query finds articles with the term as a MeSH Heading.

How do you do MeSH terms in CINAHL?

To use CINAHL/MeSH subject headings:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field, check the Suggest Subject Terms box and click Search.
  2. A result list of related terms is displayed.
  3. Check boxes of desired subheadings to add them to your search.
  4. Click Browse Additional Terms to add more headings to your search.

Does Ebsco use MeSH terms?

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a search using the CINAHL/MeSH Subject Headings functionality in EBSCOhost. Note: If you are unable to view videos on YouTube, click the following link to view this tutorial.

What is the difference between MeSH and PubMed?

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) are standardized keywords that you can look up in the MeSH Database. The majority of articles in PubMed (over 90%) have been assigned MeSH terms to provide information on the content of the articles. MeSH terms are manually assigned by indexers of the NLM (National Library of Medicine).